Google Assistant can read and reply to messages from WhatsApp now

Google Assistant is becoming more and more useful, from getting official hardware support from Google in the form of Side squeeze from Pixel 2 smartphones and now Google Assistant gains more features you can use to.

Whatsapp messages credit-androidbeat
Whatsapp messages credit-androidbeat

Untill in the Assistant was able to read SMS texts sent to you over the native Messages app or Hangouts. But Honestly! not all people use native android messaging and communication apps. People are more into WhatsApp, Facebook for connecting to the people they love.

Features of Google Assistant

Apart from normal conversation Google Assistant has pretty much other awesome features too:

  1. Shuffle your favorite playlist with Saavn, get the latest news from NDTV, or play Bollywood trivia with BookMyShow.
  2. Discover more services and smart devices that work with your Google Assistant.
  3. You choose what to share with your Google Assistant. If you ever ask your Assistant for help from other services, you stay in control of the information that you share.
  4. Easily manage or delete your past conversations with your Assistant at any time.

Google Assistant new feature for reading messages

When you now say “Okay Google, read messages” .A card pops up with the last text messages which you have currently and reads it aloud, and the cherry on the top is that it includes the app it’s coming from and name of sender. You’re then given the option to type or dictate a reply. When done, the answer is immediately sent and the original message is marked as read.

Compiled Questions now answered!

Question : Does Google assistant work with WhatsApp?

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Answer :  Yes, Google assistant now works with WhatsApp.

Question : Can Google Assistant Read WhatsApp messages?

Answer : Yes, from August 2019 Google Assistant can read your WhatsApp messages.


Note: Messages containing pictures, videos, and audio notes aren’t accessible. Assistant will say, “the message just contains an audio attachment,” and won’t play it back.

Final Words

Google Assistant would be working with more and more messsaging applications and the support would be more and more intuitive.



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