Google Assistant to send audio clips in Google Messages hands-free

We all know that Google assistant is currently the most intelligent assistant available on smartphones and smart devices beating Siri, Bixby in almost all criterias.

How to send audio clips in Google Messages?

Send audio clips in google messages
send audio clips in google messages

Just prompt Assistant by saying “OK Google,” or tap the right button, then say “send an audio message to [contact].” You can then record your message — Assistant is quick to put on the brakes, so form a complete thought before saying it out loud or risk having to do another take — and then send it. You can also say “OK Google, send an audio message to Jules saying ‘Where are you?'” and the Assistant will be smart enough to cut out that segment to send.

Note: Messages can be truncated by a second or two even though they can be played in full from the sender’s side, and; this Google Assistant Help page indicates that a transcript will be sent along with the voice message and we’ve found no such thing to occur.

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