Google calculator to show fractions alongside with decimal results

Google has finally pushed an update where when you are calculating on its official calculator app the results would now automatically be shown in decimal and now in fraction also. There were few times when you had to calculate from some equations but the answers you used to get were absurd and might be having unlimited or repeating decimals. So, it was difficult to use the derived answer to use it somewhere else as it wont be that much accurate , but with fractions as option you can use that fraction format to use it in other calculations.

Google calculator
Google calculator

Why fraction results feature now?

Some numbers simply can’t be elegantly displayed as decimals, just like the Pi  (22/7) becoming a recurring 3.14…. While infinite numbers like π can’t be expressed in fractions, Calculator can still use them in those.

Improved Readability for Complex Calculations

The update will not only benefit users who require quick conversions but also those who deal with more complex calculations. By displaying fractions alongside decimal results, Google Calculator will provide a clearer, more readable output, enabling users to better understand and interpret the results of their calculations.

Simplified Math for Students and Educators

This innovative feature will also be advantageous for students and educators. Teachers can use the dual-display functionality to explain complex mathematical concepts to their students, while students can better grasp the relationship between fractions and decimals. As a result, the learning process will become more streamlined and efficient.

How to enable this feature?

Just type in your equation, hit the “=” button, and you’ll see the result in both decimal and fraction forms.

Changelog of the app

Calculator now displays decimal results and symbolic results for fractions or certain advanced functions. For example, 10 ÷ 12 will display both 0.83333… and ⅚.

Download latest APK

You can download the latest Google Calculator APK from Playstore.

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