Google Camera
Google Camera

Another day and another app gets the dark mode feature.Its now becoming a trend that all the developers are moving forward with dark mode or night mode, including Facebook Messenger too.

Google Camera update
Google Camera update

Google Camera App received an update and lets talk about the major changes!

  1. The Dark Mode
    Finally its here. But its not that direct. when you turn on Battery Saving, everything goes dark, including the Camera app’s settings. It also works on Android P, but the experience might not be that much great.
  2. Animation Transitions are now more cool!
    With this new version,there’s a cool transition and zoom in/out effect that take place. If you’re swiping between modes, the result is smoother than before, and feels faster then before.

All these changes are live now on the app and can be downloaded on Google Play via this link.


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