Google Camera version 5.3 introduces professional features

The fourth developer preview of Android P is out and is packaged with many smaller app updates, and Google Camera is just one of the many updates. Changes are not much visible but there are hints of many new features to come. The much-anticipated features will be RAW support, corrections in wide-angle distortion, multi-channel audio and much more.

The Features

Two years ago, the addition of RAW support was found lying underneath the teardown version of the Google Camera 3.2. The feature actually never made it to the final version. The past is gone, the feature is anticipated to sport the Android phones again. Now, there is even a tutorial that illustrates how RAW saves the files as a DNG file and suggestions pop up for a suitable editor too. A warning is flashed telling that shooting in RAW consumes more space.

A new feature with the name of “correction to wide-angle distortion” will also come in the Google Camera update. The feature is specifically useful for correcting the distortions on faces. Ambiguity persists whether the fixes are achieved by a magical algorithm or with the conventional pixel-stretching method.

Speculations are that Google will add a new “Auto” setting. This feature will automatically choose the frame for any video. But even this is just a hint because there are two lines with the names that make it clear this is an automatic setting but there is a placeholder text. Automatic frame rate selector allows the phone to pick a speed that gets the best exposure, especially in dark or bright situations.

The last but not least, a shiny new feature will be multi-channel audio with two modes: IMAX_AUDIO, and Microphone. Most phones already have a secondary microphone for noise-cancellation when the phone is in loud-speaker mode. The feature will use this microphone for gaining some sense of direction for where the sound is coming from. This feature will only be available for Android P beta users only.

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