In the new update of the Google Maps, Google changed the design of the Explore section of the app to make it easy for users to find recommendations for places. Google released updated maps version for both iOS and Android. In the new version of the app, users can see explore tab at the bottom of the app when the user opens the app. When the user clicks on explore tab, the user is taken to the different categories like- restaurant, coffee shop, bars, etc.

Google changed the Explore section design in new Google Maps update 1

The new update also includes the new tab called For You tab which shows the news feed about nearby restaurants. we can see little differences in features in iOS and Android. Some features like activities and recommended events are not included in iOS update. This new update is currently limited in some countries – Japan, US, UK, Canada, and Austrailia. Google is currently working on augmented reality directions and some new social features in Google Maps.