Google Chrome to release Never-Slow Mode

People have seen a recent commit on Chromium Gerrit with the comment “an experimental browsing mode that restricts resource loading and runtime processing to deliver a consistently fast experience”

The last commit was in October but then the latest change is not merged into the final mainline. From further investigation, we can get some information (courtesy AndroidPolice).

Per-image max size: 1MiB
Total image budget: 2MiB
Per-stylesheet max size: 100KiB
Total stylesheet budget: 200KiB
Per-script max size: 50KiB
Total script budget: 500KiB
Per-font max size: 100KiB
Total font budget: 100KiB
Total connection limit: 10
Long-task limit: 200ms

If you are thinking that using this mode would improve your system’s memory utilization then you are wrong.

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