Google Chrome To Revamp User Profiles On Desktop

Google Chrome To Revamp User Profiles On Desktop 3

It’s hard to share your computer with several people, particularly when you use browsers like google chrome. Several times, it happens that people accidentally log into someone else’s chrome account and sometimes even end up syncing up their phone with them!

However, certain smart hacks can lessen the probability of such situations, and one of them is revamping your own chrome profile with google’s latest feature.

Create a space

Google has rolled out new features to redesign these profiles, allowing the user to customise it with their colour scheme and make it more accessible and recognisable for them. Apart from customising with their own colour scheme, users can also put their profile picture, which would help them spot their account faster. 

With their own customised profile, distinct background, name and profile picture, users can also choose to sync the account with their phone, which further let them stay accessible to their bookmarks or passwords on any devices. 

Image from Google Blog

No more mess

Sharing your computer and particularly chrome browser with many people can be a mess, but this hack can save you a lot. Hopefully, Google will work more on this feature to make it more appealing in future.

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The said facility is not yet available on android or ios, neither on chrome os, but we really hope that Google considers these as well when they decide to add more option to this feature later.

This feature has rolled out today, and you can expect this to be available to everyone over the next few weeks. Do not forget to share your experience with us in the comments below!

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