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Tangi: Google copies Pinterest dexterously and creates one clone

Google’s Area 120 division is one such incubator for experimental products, and it has a new thing to show off. It’s a Pinterest clone called Tangi because one Pinterest is apparently not enough.

Area 120 says the name is a combination of “TeAch aNd GIve” and “tangible.” Like Pinterest, Tangi focuses on creative and lifestyle content like crafting, cooking, and fashion. Unlike Pinterest, Tangi uses short videos (1 minute or less) instead of pictures for the core content experience. You can also open posts to add comments and see the poster’s full description of the video.

Tangi is available on the web and via the iPhone app—there is no Android app at this time. The team has been working with select creators to create content for Tangi in advance of the launch, so there will be things to look at when you go there. However, you can’t just start posting your own short videos right now. You’ll have to sign up for the waitlist to get access.

On Google’s Official Blog they have said that :

We’ve been working with creators who already make these kinds of videos, so that Tangi can become a place where they have a voice to inspire other makers. Tangi’s focus on creativity and community is the biggest draw for them. They’ve been able to experiment with new ways to take their creativity to the next level. For example, Holly shows easy DIY projects and Rachel tells amazing stories through her portrait drawings.

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