During this year’s Google I/O event, Google demonstrated a new upcoming feature for Pixel phones which they termed as Google Duplex

What is Google Duplex?

Using the Duplex feature of Google Assistant you can call and make reservations or appointments on behalf of you automatically. This is achieved by making an actual conversation on a live call.

It is now being reported that Duplex is being pushed to few users in selected cities. But currently, you can only make reservations for restaurants only.

How to Know if you are the Lucky one?

Ask Google assistant to make a Reservation in a specific city. If the restaurant or the dining place you select from a list provided by Google than an option of “Request Table”  would be there and then Google Assistant would ask you a few questions regarding your reservation.

Also, you would require to input the time of reservation and then after confirmation, a call is made. You can cancel the reservation also using Duplex.

You Take?

Its one of the finest things that Google introduced this year. But some are sceptical for using it. Features such as these automated tasks would make human interaction less. What is your say on this? Already in Metros, people use their phones extensively, if features such as these are also introduced, people would be closer towards living a virtual life only.