Google launches Android Studio 3.3 with a lot of Improvement

Google launches Android Studio 3.3 and it is available to download. In an old version, there are a lot of bugs which throws random errors or somethings fail to build program for no reason.

Android Studio 3.3 has a lot of improvement and new features added this as this is a major update to an Android Studio, Here is the list of changes you will notice:

  • Android Studio 3.3 is based on IntelliJ 2018.2.2
  • Android Gradle plugin updates to 3.3.0
  • Android Studio’s Navigation Editor feature is now stable and lets you build navigation into your app quickly without any hassle.
  • When you update the Android Studio 3.3 it will ask you to delete unused Android Studio Directories.
  • If your application needs any SDK component, Gradle will download it automatically of you.

Google is working hard to enhance the experience for a developer by improving the performance, adding new features and removing the bugs. The navigation Editor is an amazing feature to use as it gives a visual way of creating the navigation within the apps.

Navigation Editor
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