Google leaks NestHub Max
Google Home

Its no doubt that the company sometimes accidentally publish the upcoming products specifications or the products itself on their own sites or on Video websites such as YouTube. Previous month Samsung’s Youtube Channel also accidentally leaked the promo video of Samsung Galaxy S10 line up and took it down immediately.

This time its Google! The Google Store’s connected home page has been updated with a description of this new smart display, which features a Nest camera and 10-inch HD screen.

Google leaks NestHub Max, a smart display 1
Photo: AndroidPolice

According to the Store, The Nest Hub Max will be having a 10-inch HD screen, and obviously larger than the traditional  Home Hub. It would also have a built-in Nest camera with all the standard surveillance capabilities of the standalone device. You can use the camera to make Duo calls, too.

We can see through this initiative that Google is trying hard to be your everyday life helper and trying to integrate within your life using its various services such as Duo, NestHub, Gmail, Chromebook, etc.



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