Google Lens

So far Google Lens was having a major drawback-the way to access it has been rather limited. As a result, this useful tool could not gather much attention. You could have accessed Lens from the Google Assistant and Photos, and also through the camera app on a select number of devices.

Now, there are new triggers to the application. The Google Lens will now be integrated into Android’s system-wide sharing center via an upcoming update.

After the new sharing feature is enabled, users will now be able to send images to Google Lens from anywhere and any app on their phone. You can access it from your browser, Facebook, or a messaging app.

As long as you have a share option available on the screen, you can share the image to Google Lens. That’s actually accessible. Earlier, if you wanted to see anything through Google Lens, then you had to save the photo in your gallery and from there you have to open it through Google Photos. The other way was to take the picture of the object on the phone with Lens built into the camera app itself.

You don’t have to wait for this as the feature is live on the Google Lens version 1.1. It may take some time to release depending on your region.

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