Google Meet can now test your setup before joining calls

Google Meet became one of the most popular meeting apps last year. Google Meet has introduced a new feature, “Check your audio and video,” before entering the meeting.

The button has been added to the landing page of the google meet link where you have to click on the button, and it will check the things for you. If there is a problem detected by Google meet, it will show you warnings and tips to resolve the common issues that can be browser permission like a microphone or camera.

Google Meet can now test your setup before joining calls 1
Google Meet can now test your setup before joining calls 2

According to Google Blog, “With this new feature, you can enter meetings confident that your technology is working and that you’ll appear the way you want to others.”

This feature is limited to the web only right now. This feature will be available to all users from February 2, 2021.

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