Google to add scrolling screenshots in Android R

Android Q was showcased on Google I/O 2019 and currently, it’s Beta version 3 is out for developers. One of the key demands from all users was that Google should provide a feature of scrolling screenshots built-in the stock Android. Google marked scrolling screenshots as “infeasible” in the issue tracker. At Google I/O 2019, Dave Burke has overruled the issue tracker decision, and scrolling screenshots will come to stock Android.

Scrolling screenshots coming in android r
Scrolling screenshots coming in android r

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What is a scrolling screenshot?

A scrolling screenshot grabs what’s visible on the screen and scrolls down to capture more. In the end, the phone stitches the pieces together into one tall image. Samsung and other OEMs have implemented features like this, but it hasn’t been part of the core Android experience.

We have that next year Google incorporates this feature in Android R.If you still want to use this feature and don’t own a Samsung phone you can try this app

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