Google plans to produce less than 1 million Google Pixel 5 smartphones this year.

Google plans to produce less than 1 million Google Pixel 5 smartphones this year This is a modest goal for the gaint to set for the flagship Google Pixel 5 that has just been launched. Initial production for all three models is set at just 3 million units, the report also added, as Google’s total handset sales last year fell below the company’s target and market demand has further been hit by the pandemic, as per a report.

A report by Nikkei Asia claims that production for the flagship Google Pixel 5 could be as low as around 800000 units. Google has reportedly given a relatively conservative forecast for the flagship phone this year as google pixel 4 did not sell last year and the market demand has been affected by coronavirus pandemic.

However, the production volume is subject to adjustment depending on how the market reacts after the phone is released. For the first 6 months of 2020 google shipped just 1.5 million smartphones, a very sharp drop from the same period last year when google sold 4.1 million units as per the data.

The sources also told the publication that Google’s plan further suffered as COVID-19 caused a delay in production of the Pixel 4a. although lower-priced models like the Pixel 4a have the smaller margins, which helped boosting shipment volumes.

The coronavirus pandemic further disrupted Google’s diversification plan to produce all handsets, including the Pixel 5 and 4A series in Vietnam this year. People related with the matter told the publication that so far only the Pixel 4a series had entered production, whereas Pixel 5 was still being manufactured in China.

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