Home Automation: Make your home trendy with all-new gadgets and electronics

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The technology of this period has improved rapidly, and most homes are gadget functioning. The use of devices in every function gives your home a trendy and smart ambiance. Apart from this defining a classy look, gadgets also make life more comfortable in a home. Devices make everything automatic and easy for existence.

Most of the gadget unicorns make use of phones which cater to all their personal as well as professional services online. The use of smartphones, iPads, iPods, and other electronics has raised amongst various people. Also, the use of Play Stations and other gaming factors have become a rage among children.

Most of us consider it worthy of shelling out a large amount of money on these gadgets. This advancement of old technology and the usage of devices have become a vital part of life. Many of us perform our daily tasks through these devices and are entirely dependent on them.

With the number of gadget buyers and their affordability rate, one would find a variety of tools in a home today. Apart from just this, various builders in India are launching smart homes as well. Since possessing gadgets in our home will make our house look up to the minute, here are a few essentials which should be considered.

  1. A water purifier not only serves you with purified water but also acts as a gadget with unique and pleasing features. It has various automated features and is available in trendy designs. Installing a water purifier in your home for drinking or washing purpose, not only will give you purified water but will also act as classy equipment in your kitchen making it look modern
  2. A Self-adjusting thermostat will help you maintain the temperature at your home. It is the temperature in a room which can create a suitable mood feeling. Set an apt temperature in your room and avoid readjusting the temperature often. Ensure that you keep a comfortable temperature and save energy. There are many brands which are available in the market today.
  3. An automated refrigerator: This is one of the apt and chic refrigerators which have an LCD stating the list of food in your fridge. There are various renowned brands which are marketing this product. Having this refrigerator will help you know the food expiry, and the best part is you can access the information through your smartphone. The fridge will also have a blast chiller along with a compartment for drinks that can cool a 12-ounce can of beer or soda within 5 minutes.
  4. A front-loaded washing machine: This washing machine is also known as the styler and contains a steam cycle which can reduce wrinkles on your clothes. The washing machine also helps you prevent unpleasant odors by giving you a choice for selecting your preferred aroma.
  5. A smart navigation robotic vacuum cleaner: Having this smart navigation vacuum cleaner will help you keep your home spick and span. This machine enables you to navigate and makes the cleaning process a faster one. It has a lower noise level of about 50dB and can be left on its own to clean it up.
  6. A remotely controllable light dimmer will offer you a built-in dimmer feature, which can be controlled with a remote through devices like a wall keypad and a smartphone. This machine also has features which allow you to adjust the brightness of the lamps and stores up to 32 percent of brightness level. You can also activate emails regarding the functioning of these lights.

Following are the gadgets that you must have in your home are:

Samsung Smart Things Hub

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SmartThings Hub is the controller hub, the device that connects wirelessly to the other IoT devices very easily. This forms the brain of the smart home that enables you to monitor and control all the smart devices in your home. Using its companion mobile app, you can control lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, and a lot more tools at your home from anywhere.

Harmony Elite

harmony elite
Logitech Harmony Elite is the easy-to-use entire home control system that also reacts to the commands of the Alexa. You can remote control schedule recordings, switch on lights, numerous devices, and do much more from the one controller.
Its one-touch actions provide easy switching to your favorite channels, games, Netflix, Apple TV, etc., and allow you to create custom or scheduled operations for an enriched experience.

August Doorbell Cam

August Doorbell Cam is one of its kind surveillance camera for the entry doors. With its oneway camera and mic abilities, you can always keep a watch on your visitors and pretend to be home even if you are not there. It sends you the notifications if someone presses the doorbell and also send alerts if it detects motion. Its paid recording service allows storing the video stream in the cloud and lets you view recordings up to 30 days old.


Cubo AI is not just meant for the bed. It introduces some new features found in the traditional security cameras like zone alerts that let you program “danger zones” around the house. If your child enters one of those off-limit areas, the app will alert you, The new device also has automatic photo capture, so that you never miss an Instagramable smile or packed animal cuddle, and it offers 18-hour video playback, so you can see how your baby slept the night before – in case the wails were not enough of a sign.

If you want to buy these gadgets, then visit GadgetAny.com and subscribe to their newsletter.

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