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Hostgator Review 2024: Hosting Plans & Pricing and Benefits

Hostgator Review 2024
Hostgator Review 2024: Hosting Plans & Pricing and Benefits 3

HostGator is known to be the most popular web hosting company with over 8,000,000 hosted domains. Their plans are too affordable with basic to advance features.

Even on their cheapest plan, you will get too many features like Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer, unmetered Bandwidth, Free SSL certificate, Free domain, and many more.

If you see hosting services from another company, you are required to pay extra to buy the domain for your website. But HostGator will provide you free domain as a basic feature of almost all its plans at affordable prices. 

These are some of the features of their cheapest plan. But as the cost of the plan increases, you will get more and more advanced features.

You’ll find everything here, from the site-building tools and templates to the one-click installer that you need to launch your website.

Let’s discuss what more you need to know regarding HostGator before buying any of its plans.

HostGator Pricing & Hosting Plans

HostGator offers a variety of affordable hosting plans that will make web hosting easy for you. 

They include exciting discount offers on monthly hosting fees.

Like, right now, if you choose HostGator, you can avail a 60% discount on all the HostGator’s Shared Hosting Plans. 

Similarly, different plans are available with different offers of discount, which changes from time to time. 

So, if you are the one who would like to move forward economically, then you must go for a HostGator hosting plan for your website. 

Here are some key features of HostGator different web hosting plans:

Shared Hosting

HostGator Shared Hosting Package is known to be fit for almost all kinds & sizes of websites. It is proved to be the best way to start a website with low traffic.

HostGator Shared Hosting package includes three distinct plans: Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan & Business Plan.

From all these three plans, HostGator Business Plan is considered to be the best choice for the customers. Are you thinking about why you should buy this plan?

So, firstly People choose this Business plan because it has too many advanced features compared to the other ones.

Secondly, you will get all these advanced features at an affordable price rate.

And these reasons make the HostGator this plan more worthy of buying.

HostGator Shared Pricing
Hostgator Review 2024: Hosting Plans & Pricing and Benefits 4

Website Builder

Do you know coding?

Well, you don’t need to worry about this as the HostGator Website Builder plan will allow you to start your personal or any eCommerce business website even if you don’t know anything about coding.

The most attractive feature of this plan is to drag and drop.

Like you can easily select any feature of your choice and drag it to your webpage. And trust me, within an hour your new website will be ready.

The main advantage of buying this plan is that you can easily design your website without the need for any special software or prior experience of creating a website.

We have seen bloggers face significant problems in designing a website. But here, HostGator solves all your issues of designing and maintaining your website.

WordPress Hosting

HostGator WordPress web hosting plans have too many benefits. We have seen people choosing HostGator this hosting service to enjoy 2.5X faster load times.

It’s WordPress Cloud Interface, Auto backup feature, one-click scalability and easy to use control panel make it more worth to buy.

Let’s take a look at HostGator WordPress Hosting plans:

Dedicated Hosting

If you are looking for a dedicated server that will provide ultimate control, flexibility and security for your website?

Then, go for HostGator Dedicated hosting plans. The benefit of this plan is that it is faster than shared hosting plans. Using this, you don’t need to share bandwidth or storage with other websites on the same server.

VPS Hosting

Right now, it is the last hosting service of HostGator. And it is an excellent choice for the customers who are looking for more flexibility around their website.

Well, if you choose VPS Hosting services of HostGator web hosting will become so easy for you.

Like if we talk about the features of VPS, you will get full flexible software options, advanced functionality to host unlimited domains, sub-domains, databases, email addresses and many more.

Why Should You Choose HostGator Over Other Hosting Companies?

HostGator 24/7/365 Customer Support

Every customer wants 24/7 customer assistance. And HostGator never fails to do so. HostGator is known to have the best customer assistance team.

In case of any issue, they are just a second away from their customers. They have made the customer assistance quicker & easier through their live chat & ticket-based email support.

45 Days Money Return Guarantee

Generally, web hosting companies have a 30 days refund policy. But HostGator extended its refund policy to 45 days. It seems like HostGator is so confident in their service.

However, this is for new users or accounts. So, if you are already a HostGator user and canceling any renewal plan then you won’t get any refund.

If you have made the payment through Cheque, money order, western union payment or bank wire transfer, then also there will be no refund.

Moreover, the money will be debited to your account within 90 days from the date of the cancellation of the plan.


HostGator is known to be perfect for beginner bloggers. The site has tutorials, walkthroughs, and navigations that make it very user-friendly.

Not only for bloggers, but HostGator is also proved to be the first choice of the businessmen who want to start their online stores. In just a few clicks, you can begin your fully functioning online store.

Like HostGator Website Builder Plan will help you to design your sites without taking the help of an experienced person to design, build, and manage your new website.

Free Site & cPanel Transfer

Do you already have a website and want to transfer it over HostGator?

HostGator plans to include a free site & full cPanel transfer. Its different plans have varying site transfer limits.

Even some companies like Bluehost charge extra for transferring 5 sites at a time.

Strong Uptime

From the past several months, we have seen HostGator is consistently showing 99.98 to 100% uptime.

They guarantee that in any rarest to a rare case if you prove to drop below 99.9%, you will get one month of credit on your account.

However, now competitors have also started guaranteeing this to win their customers.

Poor Load Time

Generally, users do not face problems with the HostGator server.

But from the last few months, the same server has been consistently slow with an average 113ms page load time. This is not acceptable.

As it will directly impact your visitor’s experience and may at some point, you would start losing your visitors.

Extra Fees for True Backups, Gmail and Malware

HostGator plans indeed, have affordable price rates. Like its, Shared Hosting Plan includes all the features like Free SSL, One-click installation to apps like WordPress, Joomla, etc., unlimited storage, unmetered bandwidth, etc.

These are the core features which you may need to start your website. But HostGator leads to customers disappointed when they charge extra for stuff like site backup, SiteLock monitoring, SEO tools, and Gmail access at the time of checkout.

So, its initial plans are inexpensive, but it becomes expensive when everything is done.

Standard Pricing Tricks

It is so common in the industry to do pricing tricks with the customers, and HostGator is one of them. Like initially, companies advertise standard price rates. And when you finally decide to buy their products, the overall bill gets too high.

For, e.g., they will advertise the price rates like $2.75/ month, but in the end, you will realize that you need to pay for the whole two or three years. And the amount will be prepaid.

Do We Recommend HostGator?


Because HostGator has too many benefits compared to its loopholes.

Like as you have seen, each of their plans has almost all the necessary features like free SSL, unmetered bandwidth, and many more. Even free domain and subdomain are also included in their essential elements.

Moreover, its Uptime, customer assistance, 45 days money-back guarantee to make customers more rely on HostGator.

Yes, what else we need if we will get all these features in one place only.

And to be accurate, you will not find any web hosting service without even any cons.

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