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How To Block Ads On Twitch

Twitch, a platform powered by Amazon, is a haven for gamers and streamers alike, boasting a staggering two million active users every week. With its rise in popularity, Amazon has found a lucrative source of revenue in advertising. This guide provides a comprehensive look at the various ways to block ads on Twitch while preserving your viewing experience.

How To Block Ads On Twitch
Block Ads on Twitch

Assessing the Types of Ads on Twitch

Before you delve into the methods of blocking Twitch ads, it’s worth noting why these ads exist and the different types you may encounter. Amazon’s Twitch platform is a community-centric, real-time platform that has allowed content creators greater visibility. As such, the ads that appear are often tailored to the Twitch audience.

Here are some common ad types you might come across:

Homepage Carousel

When you first land on Twitch’s homepage, a dynamic ad carousel usually greets you at the top of the screen. This carousel often hosts multiple ads, allowing visitors to flick through the content.

Sidebar Ads

While navigating through Twitch, you may encounter animated ads on the website’s sidebar. These ads typically appear as you scroll through the site and usually contain graphics and animated images.

Stream Display Ads

Twitch offers a feature called Stream Display Ads (SDAs) which are 10-second display ads shown on user streaming channels. These ads allow viewers to continue watching and listening to the stream while the ad is displayed.

Video-Embedded Pop-Ups

In 2022, Twitch introduced video-embedded pop-up ads that are similar to SDAs. These pop-up ads appear randomly during streaming and require a timed display.

Now that we’ve covered the types of ads you may encounter, let’s delve into the methods you can use to block these ads.

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7 Effective Methods to Block Twitch Ads

There are several effective methods you can use to block ads on Twitch. The strategy you choose may depend on factors like your technical prowess, your budget, and the devices you use to access Twitch. Here are seven proven ways to block ads on Twitch:

  1. Use an Ad Blocker (free or paid)
  2. Subscribe to Turbo Twitch (paid)
  3. Use Twitch Alternatives (free)
  4. Use a VPN (free or paid)
  5. Use Brave Browser (free)
  6. Subscribe to a Twitch Channel (paid)
  7. Use Alternative Clients (free)

Each method has its own set of advantages and drawbacks which we will explore in greater detail below.

1. Using an Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are popular tools for removing ads from Twitch and other websites. These tools can be installed on your device or browser and can block a wide variety of ads. However, they may not block all ads, especially those integrated within the stream. For instance, NordVPN and Private Internet Access are equipped with proprietary ad blockers ideal for blocking Twitch ads. However, they do not block ads that are integrated within the stream.

Here’s how you can enable the ad blocker on NordVPN:

  1. Open the VPN client and find the Settings cog in the top right corner.
  2. Go to Settings > General > CyberSec: block ads and malicious websites.
  3. Toggle CyberSec on.
  4. Enjoy an ad-free Twitch experience.

2. Subscribing to Turbo Twitch

Twitch offers a paid service called Turbo Twitch which provides an ad-free experience across the platform. While this method does require a monthly fee, it can be a great option if you frequently use Twitch and want an uninterrupted viewing experience.

3. Using Twitch Alternatives

Another way to enjoy Twitch content without ads is by using Twitch alternatives. These services allow you to view Twitch streams without the corresponding ads. For instance, Multistre.am and Discord are two popular Twitch alternatives that provide an ad-free viewing experience.

4. Using a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can help reduce the number of ads you see on Twitch by masking your IP address and location. This prevents ad domains from collecting data about you based on your location. To ensure that the VPN can block this information, consider using a VPN like NordVPN that includes an ad-blocking feature.

5. Using Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is a free, open-source browser that comes with built-in ad-blocking capabilities. While it’s a great option for blocking Twitch ads, it’s important to note that the default ad-blocking feature can sometimes cause websites to load incorrectly.

6. Subscribing to a Twitch Channel

Subscribing to a specific Twitch channel can also help reduce ads. When you purchase a subscription to a specific Twitch partner or affiliate channel, you can enjoy ad-free viewing for that particular channel.

7. Using Alternative Clients

Alternative clients, such as third-party Twitch players, can also provide an ad-free viewing experience. However, these clients are not officially supported by Twitch and may come with their own set of risks and limitations.

Twitch Ads FAQs

Why am I seeing so many ads on Twitch?

Twitch relies on ad revenue to support its creators and maintain its platform. As the number of streamers and viewers on Twitch has grown, so too has the number of ads.

Can I watch Twitch without ads?

Yes, there are several ways to watch Twitch without ads. You can use ad blockers, VPNs, subscribe to Turbo Twitch, or use alternative Twitch clients.

How can I block ads on the Twitch mobile app?

Ad-blocking on the Twitch mobile app can be a bit tricky. While some ad blockers can block ads in browsers, they may struggle to block ads in native apps like Twitch. Therefore, you might need to resort to watching Twitch through a browser on your mobile device.

Wrapping Up

While Twitch’s rising ad frequency can be frustrating for viewers, there are several effective ways to block these ads and enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience. Whether you choose to use an ad blocker, VPN, or subscribe to Turbo Twitch, the choice is yours. By understanding how each method works and weighing the pros and cons, you can find the best solution for your needs.

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