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How to catch Mew in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is still around and if you are one of those people who is still catching pokemon to your collection, Today we have a guide on how you can get the legendary Pokemon Mew.

There is an ‘A Mythical Discovery’ Pokemon Go special task. On the first screen, you’ll find your Field Research Tasks and progress to catching a Legendary Pokemon, when you touch it, you would find there are 8 quests you have to complete in order to get the legendary pokemon Mew

About Mew

Mew is a pink, bipedal Pokémon with mammalian features. Its snout is short and wide, and it has triangular ears and large, blue eyes. It has short arms with three-fingered paws, large hind legs and feet with oval markings on the soles, and a long, thin tail ending in an ovoid tip. Its fur is so fine and thin, it can only be seen under a microscope. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokémon contained within its body, and as such is able to learn any attack.

How to get Mew in Pokemon Go?

Professor Willow has some very specific requests. Complete them all, and you ’ll be able to unlock Legendary Pokemon Mew. You will also earn some great rewards along the way and serious amounts of XP.

PRO TIP:-crack a Lucky Egg if you are getting close to the completion of each individual task to earn double XP

There are 8 stages which you need to complete in order to unlock Mew

Stage 1

Do these –

  • Spin 5 Pokestops (500XP)
  • Catch 10 Pokemon (500XP)
  • Transfer 5 Pokemon (500XP)

Rewards you would get: 10 Great Balls, 1 incubator, 3 lures

Stage 2

  • You have to Earn 2 candies walking with your buddy (1000XP)
  • Make 10 Great throws (1000XP)
  • Hatch 3 eggs (1000XP)

Rewards you would get: 2000 Stardust, 3 incense, 20 Great Balls

Stage 3

  • You have to reach level 15 (1500XP)
  • You have to battle in a gym x 2 (1500XP)
  • You have to battle in 2 Raids (1500XP)

Rewards  you would get: 1 Quick TM, 1 Charge TM, 2 Star Pieces

Stage 4

  • Earn a silver Kanto medal (2000XP)
  • You have to evolve 20 Pokemon (2000XP)
  • You have to earn 5 candies by walking with your buddy (2000XP)

Rewards you would get: 20 Great Balls, 3 lures, 4000 stardust

Stage 5

  • Catch a Ditto (2500XP)
  • Make 20 Great throws (2500XP)
  • Catch 10 Ghost Pokemon (2500XP)

Rewards  you would get: 1 Premium Raid Pass, 1 Lucky Egg, 15 Revives

Stage 6

  • You have to reach level 25 (3000XP)
  • You have to battle in 10 Raids (3000XP)
  • Evolve a Magikarp (3000XP)

Rewards you would get: 6000 Stardust, 5 Rare Candy, 3 incense

Stage 7

  • Catch 50 Pokemon using a berry (3500XP)
  • Make 1 Excellent Curve throw (3500XP)
  • Earn a gold Kanto medal (3500XP)

Rewards  you would get: 8000 Stardust, 20 Ultra Balls, A Mythical Pokemon Encounter

The last Stage 8

  • Catch Mew! (40000XP)

Rewards you would get: 10,000 Stardust, 1 Super incubator, 20 Mew candy

Tip – Unlike a Raid, Mew can’t fly so you have a lot of time to catch.

So now you would have Mew with you in Pokemon Go and you can boast around among your friends.

Do share this article with your friends and players who you might think would want to know how to get this mythical creature in the game.

Dhaval is a tech geek who loves developing software, games and writing technical posts. In his free time, he loves to read novels.


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