How to Create Engaging Videos for Your Ecommerce Store and Improve Conversion- 5 Proven ways

Any Ecommerce store aims at visually attracting more and more clients, thereby encouraging them to identify and analyze many of their products and add them to their cart, and to create engaging videos is one of the art thats needed to be learnt.

With the steep increase in Ecommerce consumer index day to day, mere product images and reviews are not sufficient to convince a customer to buy a product. 

A customer is satisfied only with a thorough understanding of the product, its features, dimensions, and specifications within the shortest possible time. For this, the solution is attained in the form of videos.

Why should you go for video marketing?

  • Do you know that YouTube is the second most trafficked website on the internet? In simple terms, people love watching videos! Be it educational, humor, news, entertainment, or anything more- a video appeases a viewer and makes the content much more engaging.
  • A video describes your product in a much broader sense than mere pictures or descriptions. This is because a video allows a user to analyze the product from many different perspectives and satisfies their curiosity. In contrast, product reviews or images offer only a single dimensional point of analysis.
  • A video can be used as an opportunity to show your product in action. This instills tremendous confidence in a potential customer to visualize the performance of the product. You can explain in depth the operation, functionality, and unique features of your product and make the customer realize why it is the best.

Types of engaging videos for effective Ecommerce marketing

There are plenty of video types that can be created without the help of technological experts. All you need is clarity in content and thorough market research of your potent customers.

Let us analyze a few types of videos that are appealing with the ability to convince a customer.

How-to create engaging videos

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A how-to video shows a product in action. It clearly explains the working of the product, demonstrates its features, and proves its functionality. This also includes set-up manual videos that offer an excellent alternative to installation guides, and the customer is relieved of the task of reading a complete manual. 

These videos become the answers for many of the common questions that arise in a user while using the product for the first time. Hence a short and concise video, devices a marketing strategy that is much more engaging and thereby increases your website traffic.

Story-based videos

In general, a user is attracted to a product that assures them of happiness. Having that characteristic in mind story-based videos are an instant hit in today’s world of branding. 

 For example, to weave the story of a coffee maker. An account can be created on how it eases the work pressure off from working by making aromatic coffee in a jiffy. It can also portray the simple pleasure of a family enjoying coffee together, amidst a tight schedule.

This story of happiness is engaging content for a user, which can make them engage with the ambiance created in the video. The result is always convincing for the user and the seller. To make such amazing videos without much hassle, you can use any one of the best free online video editor tools available.

Client testimonial videos

A visual review from a happy customer is believed to have a positive impact on a potential buyer that cannot be achieved through paragraphs of written statements. Make the videos short but let the client speak of the advantages of using the product and how it has eased their life. 

Also, the video becomes much more engaging if the customer speaks of the practical difficulties they faced while initially using the product. This drastically reduces the questions that a user will have before deciding on whether to purchase the product.

Expert reviews

Another convincing marketing strategy is the inclusion of expert review videos. A customer is convinced once they see an expert in the domain, certifying the credibility of the product. Such a video is a direct appeal to the user to buy the product without any second thought.

You can also hire celebrities to speak on the videos if you have the budget. After all, this strategy has been successful for decades!

Close-up videos

Another simple yet striking video type is the close-up product video. Here, your product is captured at a close shot inch by inch, and a story is created based on its appearance, features, and working. 

Another improvisation is that it can revolve around a customer and show how it improves their quality of life, to make the video even more conversing. Add minimal texts below to highlight the salient features of the product to ascertain why it is the best when compared to its competitors.

Music videos

Another striving format of video making is the promotional video with background theme music. Here you visualize your product in close up, create a story, demonstrate its operation. It will help to have a piece of appealing background music that matches the theme of the product. 

This enhances the convincing nature of the video by many folds. You can use any of the online tools like photo slideshow maker with music, to project your product in a manner that is highly appealing to hear and visualize.

Once you have created a video, it is ideal for sharing it cross-platform. Online platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many others play a significant role in brand advertising.

To take it further, you can also ‘Go Live’ to reach out to your users in a much more conversational manner. This enables your product to quickly gain visibility by up-scaling your brand value by many folds.

To Conclude

As you can see, videos have become the unavoidable tools for Ecommerce sites to generate web traffic, retain customers, and increase their brand value. This is because videos have proven to evoke emotions in the minds of the users, thereby helping them get engaged with the content being promoted online. 

Another noteworthy point is that such engaging videos can be created without the help of experts. Platforms like Invideo, offer customizable templates for any domain that can be easily modified to suit your specific requirement. The templates can be designed into tailor-made videos with some simple alterations, thereby resulting in high quality, clear-cut, compelling product videos. 

Thus, engaging videos are a great tool that aid in achieving your business goals much ahead of your scheduled period. Effective utilization of such videos can make you a pioneer in the Ecommerce domain.

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