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How to deal 100 damage with pirate cannon in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the popular games among gamers currently along with PUBG Mobile. After every specified duration, New seasons begin in each game which comes with different challenges and rewards. Today in this post I am going to help you to complete one of the challenges in Fortnite. The most difficult of Week 2’s challenges involves dealing damage with the pirate cannon in Fortnite.

Now without a further delay lets get into the action-

How to deal 100 damage with a pirate cannon in Fortnite

  1. Select Team Rumble as your intended game mode.
  2. Once on the plane, drop and land near one of the seven pirate camps located on the game’s map.
  3. Try to aim for one closest to the in-game circle to maximize your chance of seeing someone.
  4. Simply wait for battles to pop up near you.
  5. As battles begin around you, begin firing down at unsuspecting enemies.
  6. The cannon has a bit of a drop after it fires, so make sure you’re angling your shots correctly by aiming higher than you normally would.

The cannonball gives  50 splash damage to enemies and 100 damage if you directly hit them, so just have to keep trying and you should complete this challenge in very easily.


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