How to Delete Duplicate Songs from iTunes Library

If you are Apple device user you would definitely know what iTunes is. In this How-To you will learn How to Delete Duplicate Songs from iTunes.

What is iTunes?

Written in C++, iTunes is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc. It was announced on January 9, 2001.

Every iOS device comes preinstalled with it and you can buy music or Movies using the iTunes App using Apple ID.

In order to delete the duplicate songs, you need to know which pictures in your library are duplicates.

1) Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

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2) Choose Songs under Library from the sidebar.

3) Click on the File menu and choose Library followed by selecting Show Duplicate items

All the songs will be filtered out by iTunes, removing the duplicates.


It is important to note here that the duplicate items are established based on the song name and artist, and not on audio analysis. So, if your tags are messed up, iTunes won’t be able to help you.

After identifying the duplicate songs

Follow the steps below:-

  1. Hold the Option key in Mac, or the Shift key on Windows
  2. Choose Show Exact Duplicate Items from the File → Library menu.
  3. This operation will show you the duplicates with the same name, artist, etc..

Steps to Delete Duplicate Songs From iTunes

1. Select the duplicates you want to delete (taught in the above section)

2. Choose the Delete option from the Song menu.

3. Once duplicates get deleted, click on Done.

After this, your whole library would be free of duplicate songs. If you are facing any issue let us know through a comment.

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