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How to enable One UI dark mode on Samsung Galaxy phones in 4 steps?

Samsung has now released its One UI update to mostly all its supported Galaxy smartphones.

Why One UI?

One UI was designed as part of a goal to make Samsung‘s hardware and software “work together in perfect harmony”, and provide a more “natural” experience on large-screen smartphones.As consumers had always complained about the lagginess of the Samsung Touchwiz A prominent design pattern in included applications is to intentionally place common features and user interface elements along the bottom of the screen rather than near the top. This makes them easier to reach with a user’s thumb when using the device one-handed. For similar reasons, apps utilise large headers to push their main content towards the vertical centre of the screen. The navigation bar supports the use of gestures, while a system-wide “night mode” was also added (which gives UI elements and supported applications a darkened color scheme). As with Android Pie upstream, the Overview screen of recent apps uses a horizontal layout, as opposed to the vertical layout of previous versions

One of the striking feature of the new ONE UI is that it lets you to enable a dark mode or Night Mode .

In this post i would give you a how -to guide on how to enable the dark mode or the night mode on any Samsung Galaxy device.

one ui - samsung
one UI- Samsung  -source- Youtube.com

How to enable  One UI dark mode on Galaxy devices?

  1. Go to your Settings App.
  2. Now you have to Scroll down and touch on Display.
  3. Look for Night mode and tap on the toggle to turn on Night mode.
  4. To configure Night mode, tap on the option itself rather than the toggle.
    • You would be able to set Night Mode to come on automatically on a custom schedule, or let it come on from sunset to sunrise. Personally i have scheduled the night mode after 8PM to 6 AM in the morning.

Pro Tip:-To easily toggle Night mode multiple times in a day ,you can also add a quick toggle in the notification panel.

Which phones are running One UI?

As of right now, the following phones are running One UI:

Video tutorial : How to enable  One UI dark mode

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