Google Chrome Mobile

Welcome back guys to our another piece of tutorial and in this tutorial, we are gonna talk about how to Enable Simplified View Feature in Google Chrome Mobile.


Note that this feature was introduced to version 65 of Google Chrome. If you don’t have it, kindly update it from the Play Store or the App Store

What is a Simplified View?

Most of the times when we are surfing over the internet, the site is not mobile friendly and seems very clumsy and the images are somewhat distorted. Given the fact that websites are becoming more and more mobile friendly but still there are tons of sites which we visit regularly are not that much mobile friendly.

The simplified View, introduced in version 65 of Google Chrome Mobile lets you convert your webpage in simple reading mode webpage that just contains the text (content) that you need to read. There would be no obstructions or any other scattered and unnecessary text or image floating around or over the main content.

How to Enable Simplified View?

1. Open Google Chrome Mobile and visit the webpage you want to view in Simplified View.

2.Touch on 3 dots at the side

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Now in the Settings Menu touch “Accessibility”.

5. In Accessibility Section Checkmark on “Simplified view for web pages” option and go back to the browser.

Thus after this, you can view web pages in barebones format and can concentrate on the main content rather than on irreverent ads and text present on the webpage.

Do you use this feature regularly? Or you find it just another gimmick? Do let us know in the comments.