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How to Fake your GPS Location on your smartphone in 5 steps?

In recent times, developers are developing mobile apps with features corresponding to certain GPS locations such as Pokemon Go, PUBG etc. But on the other hand some applications are geo-locked, which means that an application can be unavailable for normal users at a particular location but its available in other different region.

Fake your GPS Location
Fake your GPS Location


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In order to remap your GPS location you need to unlock developer options.

We have already posted one detailed guide .You can refer to it if you have not developer unlocked your device.

Steps to fake your GPS location

  1. Download Fake GPS apps like any of these.
  2. Now you have to enable Mock Location option.
    • If you own a Samsung Device : Settings > Developer Options.
    • If you own a Xiaomi smartphone : Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options.
    • Turn on the Mock Location.
  3. Launch the app which you downloaded from the Play Store.
  4. Now you have to use  search bar given in the app  to look up the fake location you want to use on the map. [THIS STEP MAY DIFFER WITH DIFFERENT APPS]
  5. With the marker on the location, tap  on the “Start” button to activate the fake GPS location.



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