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How to fix obs nvenc error ?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is a popular choice for streaming and recording video content due to its robust capabilities and versatility. However, users may encounter the OBS NVENC error, a common issue that interferes with the streaming and recording process. This comprehensive guide provides a deep-dive into the nature of the OBS NVENC error, its causes, and how to effectively resolve it.

obs nvenc error
How to fix obs nvenc error ? 2

An Overview of the NVENC Encoder in OBS

The NVENC encoder OBS, an innovation by NVIDIA, is a hardware-accelerated video encoding technology. It facilitates high-quality video recording and streaming without compromising system performance or frame rates. OBS users, including gamers, streamers, and video content creators, leverage the NVENC encoder to capture and stream their content seamlessly.

The NVENC encoder OBS comes in two versions: a free one that supports encoding up to 1080p video at 60 frames per second (FPS) and a paid one that offers up to 4K video encoding at 120 FPS. The paid version also includes additional features like custom profiles and advanced settings.

Deciphering the Causes of OBS NVENC Error

The OBS NVENC error typically occurs while streaming or recording with OBS and is attributed to various hardware and software issues.

  • Outdated Graphics Driver: The OBS NVENC error often results from an outdated graphics driver. Keeping your graphics driver updated is essential for the smooth functioning of OBS.
  • Conflict with Other Applications or Services: OBS NVENC issues may arise due to conflicts between the OBS application and other applications or services running on your computer.
  • Overlay Settings and Microsoft Visual C++ Components: Overlay settings and conflicting Microsoft Visual C++ components can also lead to the OBS NVENC error.
  • Faulty or Outdated NVIDIA Encoder Library: OBS uses the NVIDIA Encoder library for hardware-accelerated video encoding. A faulty or outdated version of this library can cause the OBS NVENC error.

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Detailed Solutions to Fix the OBS NVENC Error

Before attempting any troubleshooting methods, make sure to close any unnecessary tasks, and disable any antivirus or firewall software that could potentially interfere with OBS. Also, ensure your hardware meets the minimum system requirements for running OBS.

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Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

A system restart resets any misconfigured settings or glitches, freeing up memory used by applications and processes, and refreshing services and drivers. A full power-off, rather than sleep mode or hibernation, is recommended.

Press the Windows + D keys > Alt +F4 > choose Restart > OK

Solution 2: Update Your GPU Driver

Ensure that your system’s drivers are updated. An outdated driver can interfere with OBS’s performance.

Windows key > Device Manager > Display adapters > Update driver > Search automatically for the updated driver software

Alternatively, you can use an advanced tool like Driver Updater that automatically detects and downloads corresponding drivers.

Solution 3: Reduce Output Resolution in OBS

Lowering output resolution reduces the amount of data that your hardware needs to process, allowing for smoother performance and reduced latency during live broadcasts.

OBS Studio > Settings > Video > Common FPS Values > choose 30 or less > OK

Solution 4: Disable the In-Game Overlay (NVIDIA & Discord)

The OBS NVENC error may be due to the enabled in-game overlay. This feature can conflict with OBS’s NVENC recording, causing the error.

Disable NVIDIA Experience Overlay Settings

Desktop > taskbar > arrow icon > NVIDIA icon > Nvidia GeForce Experience > gear icon > GENERAL > IN-GAME OVERLAY > green toggle > disable

Disable Discord Overlay Settings

Discord > Cog-wheel icon > User Settings > App Settings > Overlay > Enable in-game overlay > disable

Solution 5: Switch to QuickSync for Hardware Encoding

Switching to QuickSync, Intel’s hardware-accelerated encoding technology, offers a more reliable and less CPU-intensive encoding solution than NVENC.

OBS > File > Settings > Output > QuickSync H.264 > Encoder > Enforce streaming service encoder settings

Solution 6: Switch to Software (x264) for Software Encoding

Software encoding provides a reliable and better-quality encoding solution, with fewer performance issues compared to hardware encoding.

OBS Settings > Output > Streaming section > Encoder > Software (x264) > Enforce streaming service encoder settings

Solution 7: Reinstall Microsoft C++ Redistributables

Reinstalling Microsoft C++ Redistributables can effectively resolve the OBS NVENC error.

Search menu > Apps & features > Microsoft Visual C++ > Uninstall > Start key > command prompt > Run as administrator > Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup > Microsoft website > Visual C++ Redistributable files > download > install > reboot


Encountering the OBS NVENC error can be frustrating, especially when it interrupts your streaming or recording process. However, with the detailed troubleshooting methods provided in this guide, resolving the OBS NVENC error is a straightforward task. Remember, maintaining your system’s overall health and keeping your software and drivers updated is crucial to avoid such errors in the future. Stay tuned for more helpful, reliable, and expert-level content on advanced technology and tech-related issues.

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