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How to get a pet in Diablo 4

n the highly anticipated world of Diablo 4, players are always on the lookout for new ways to enhance their gaming experience. One of these enhancements comes in the form of pets, which can provide added layers of fun and excitement to the game. In this article, we will delve into the various ways you can obtain a pet in Diablo 4, as well as the specific requirements and features of each pet type. So let’s embark on this journey of exploring your companionship options in the dark and dangerous world of Diablo 4.

The Basics: Understanding Pets in Diablo 4

Before diving into the details, it’s essential to understand the concept of pets in Diablo 4. Pets are mostly cosmetic items that accompany you throughout your gaming journey, adding a personal touch to your character. However, some pets can also offer additional benefits, such as providing buffs or assisting in combat. Here, we will discuss the different types of pets available in the game, their unique features, and how to acquire them.

1.1. Cosmetic Pets

Cosmetic pets are purely for show and do not offer any gameplay advantages. The most prominent example of a cosmetic pet in Diablo 4 is the Wolf Pet, which is obtained by participating in the beta version of the game. This pet is a visually appealing addition to your character but doesn’t provide any combat assistance or other benefits.

1.2. Combat Pets

Some pets in Diablo 4 assist you in battles and provide buffs that can enhance your character’s abilities. These pets are exclusive to certain classes, such as the Necromancer’s Skeletons or the Druid’s Spirit Animals. While not traditional pets in the strictest sense, these companions play a significant role in your character’s development and combat strategy.

How to Get a Pet in Diablo 4: The Wolf Pet Cosmetic Item

The Wolf Pet is currently the only cosmetic pet available in Diablo 4. As a purely decorative item, the Wolf Pet does not offer any gameplay benefits. However, it is an adorable companion that adds a unique touch to your character. Here’s how to get a pet in Diablo 4, specifically the Wolf Pet:

2.1. Participation in the Beta

To acquire the Wolf Pet, you must have participated in any of the Diablo 4 betas and reached level 20 with a single character. If you didn’t participate in the beta or failed to reach level 20, you wouldn’t be able to obtain the Wolf Pet at this time.

2.2. Accessing the Wolf Pet

If you have met the prerequisite of participating in the beta and reaching level 20, you can access the Wolf Pet in the game. Follow these steps:

  1. Start a character and complete the prologue.
  2. Reach Kyovashad and locate the wardrobe, marked by an icon of a dresser on the map next to the chest icon.
  3. Interact with the wardrobe and switch from the Armor tab to Items.
  4. Select Back Trophy and choose the Beta Wolf Pack item.
  5. Confirm Look to save your outfit before exiting the wardrobe.

Now, your character will have the adorable sleeping Wolf Pet nestled safely on their back.

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Pets for the Necromancer: Skeleton Companions

While not traditional pets, the Necromancer class in Diablo 4 has access to Skeleton companions that provide valuable combat assistance. To obtain these Skeleton companions, follow these steps:

3.1. Playing as a Necromancer

You must play as a Necromancer character to have Skeleton companions.

3.2. Obtaining the Book of the Dead

As a Necromancer, you need to acquire the Book of the Dead, which allows you to choose between three different minions you can spawn: a Skeletal Mage, a Skeletal Warrior, and a Golem.

3.3. Selecting Your Skeleton Companion

Once you have the Book of the Dead, choose the Skeleton companion that best suits your gameplay style and enjoy their help in battle.

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Pets for the Druid: Spirit Animals

Druid characters in Diablo 4 can unlock Spirit Animals, which serve as both pets and combat assets. To unlock Spirit Animals as a Druid, follow these steps:

4.1. Playing as a Druid

You must play as a Druid character to have access to Spirit Animals.

4.2. Reaching Level 15 and Completing the Quest

To unlock Spirit Animals, you need to progress to level 15 and complete the quest that takes you to Scosglen.

4.3. Choosing Your Spirit Animal

After completing the quest, you can choose between a Deer, Eagle, Snake, and Wolf Spirit Animal. Each animal provides specific buffs and assists you in different ways. Choose the Spirit Animal that complements your fighting style best!

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The Future of Pets in Diablo 4

Currently, the Wolf Pet is the only true cosmetic pet available in Diablo 4, with additional “pets” available through class-specific companions like Skeletons and Spirit Animals. However, it is likely that future updates will introduce more pet options for players to enjoy.

5.1. Additional Cosmetic Pets

As Diablo 4 continues to evolve, it is reasonable to expect the introduction of new cosmetic pets that can be obtained through various means, such as in-game events or special promotions.

5.2. More Combat Pets

It’s also possible that future updates will bring additional combat pets or companions for other character classes, further expanding the options for players to customize their gameplay experience.

Co-op Gameplay and Pets

Although pets are a fantastic addition to your Diablo 4 journey, don’t forget that the game also offers robust co-op gameplay with friends on any platform. This feature ensures that you will never be truly alone in your adventures, even if you don’t have a pet by your side.


While the options for pets in Diablo 4 are currently limited, they offer an enjoyable element to your gaming experience. Whether you’re sporting the Wolf Pet or utilizing the combat assistance of a Skeleton or Spirit Animal, pets add a unique layer of fun and personalization to your Diablo 4 journey. As you explore the world of Sanctuary, keep an eye out for future updates that may introduce even more pet options for you to enjoy.

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