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How to Get a Sugar Daddy in BitLife

BitLife, a life simulation game, offers a unique gaming experience by allowing players to make a series of life choices, which can result in various outcomes. One such choice involves securing a sugar daddy or sugar mama. This guide will unravel the steps on how to get a sugar daddy in BitLife.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy in BitLife
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Understanding the Concept of Sugar Daddy in BitLife

In BitLife, getting a sugar daddy or a sugar mama is a tactical move for players who are aiming to amass wealth without necessarily working for it. This approach is especially useful for those attempting to complete the Material Girl challenge. But, securing a sugar daddy or sugar mama in BitLife involves more than just a few clicks on the app. It demands a strategic plan, which this guide will help you to develop.

Step-by-Step Guide to Securing a Sugar Daddy in BitLife

1. Choose the Appropriate Gender

The journey to get a sugar daddy in BitLife starts with character creation. If you aim to secure a sugar daddy, you should start with a female character. Conversely, if you are seeking a sugar mama, a male character should be your choice.

2. Grow Old Enough

In BitLife, only characters that have reached the age of 18 can access the dating app. Therefore, you should age your character to 18 years old before you can embark on the mission to secure a sugar daddy or mama.

3. Access the Dating App

Once your BitLife character turns 18, you can start using the dating app. To do this, navigate to Activities > Love > Dating App. The app requires a payment of $100 for access, so make sure your character has enough money.

4. Set the Desired Age and Net Worth

In the dating app, set the desired age to anything above 60 and the desired net worth to above $100k. The higher the net worth, the better your chances of securing a wealthy sugar daddy or mama.

5. Start Dating

From the list of matches that meet your specifications, choose one and start dating. Remember, the goal is to maintain a strong relationship with your potential sugar daddy or mama.

6. Keep Your Sugar Daddy/Mama Content

To keep the relationship strong, engage in activities that make your partner happy. These could include complimenting them, engaging them in conversations, giving them gifts, and spending quality time with them.

7. Propose Marriage

Once the relationship bar is full, propose to your lover to make them officially your sugar daddy or mama. However, avoid signing a prenup to safeguard your financial future.

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Completing the Material Girl Challenge

Besides providing a fun way to amass wealth, getting a sugar daddy in BitLife is a prerequisite for completing the Material Girl challenge. This challenge requires you to:

  • Avoid holding a job for more than a few months.
  • Marry at least five sugar daddies.
  • Never sign a prenup in any of your marriages to sugar daddies.
  • Buy a yacht.
  • Purchase over $2 million worth of jewelry while in one of your five marriages.

Finding a Sugar Daddy in BitLife

If you’re interested in finding a sugar daddy in BitLife, but aren’t necessarily looking to get married, there are still ways to explore this dynamic:

  1. Follow the Steps Above: While the ultimate goal might not be marriage, you can still follow similar steps to find a wealthy partner interested in providing financial support.
  2. Short-Term Relationships: Instead of pursuing marriage, focus on short-term relationships with sugar daddies. Enjoy the benefits of financial support without the commitment of marriage.
  3. Career Choices: Choosing a career that allows you to interact with affluent individuals, such as becoming a model, actor, or starting a business, can increase your chances of meeting potential sugar daddies.

In conclusion, getting a sugar daddy in BitLife is a strategic move that requires careful planning and execution. However, with this guide, you’re now equipped with the necessary knowledge on how to get a sugar daddy in BitLife. So, go ahead and dive into the world of sugar daddies in BitLife – a virtual adventure awaits!

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