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How to Get Cactus in Minecraft

Minecraft, a widely popular sandbox game, boasts a plethora of diverse blocks that players can utilize for various purposes – farming, building, or crafting unique items.

Among these blocks, the plant category holds immense significance, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

One such plant block that stands out is the Cactus, a versatile entity with unique attributes and uses. This detailed guide is designed to provide insights on how to get Cactus in Minecraft, exploring its distinctive features, growth process, locations, and practical uses.

How to Get Cactus in Minecraft
How to Get Cactus in Minecraft – Image from Minecraft

Unveiling Cactus in Minecraft

As a plant block, Cactus in Minecraft embodies a set of fascinating mechanics, setting it apart from other blocks in the game. It sports an intriguingly prickly texture, mirroring real-world cacti, inflicting gradual damage on players or mobs that come into contact with it. Although armor can mitigate this damage, it bears the cost of degradation over time.

A rather peculiar characteristic of a Cactus is its ability to eliminate items. The plant functions similarly to lava, vaporizing any item thrown onto it instantly. This holds true even for the toughest material in Minecraft lore, netherite items, and gear, which succumb to the destructive power of this spiky plant.

Understanding the Growth Mechanics of Cactus in Minecraft

Cacti in Minecraft follow specific growth guidelines. These plants can only be positioned on sand, red sand, suspicious sand, or atop other cacti blocks.

It’s interesting to note that no other block can be placed directly next to a Cactus. Upon the growth of a new Cactus block, it will instantaneously break if a block is attached to its side. This mechanic plays a pivotal role in the functioning of a Cactus farm.

Locating Cactus in Minecraft

The Cactus, being a desert plant, is exclusive to the drier biomes of the Minecraft world. The best place to locate this plant is the desert biome, characterized by its arid environment. Cacti are a common sight here, making deserts an ideal spot to gather this plant.

In addition to deserts, you can also find Cacti in the Badlands biome in Minecraft. Although the frequency of occurrence is higher in deserts, Badlands serve as a decent alternative.

While exploring these biomes, you may stumble upon a potted Cactus inside an igloo with a basement. Potted Cacti and chests containing Cactus may also be found in some desert village houses.

If these biomes are elusive in your world, worry not! Wandering traders often sell Cactus in exchange for three emeralds, providing an easy alternative to procuring this plant.

The Process of Mining Cactus in Minecraft

Mining a Cactus in Minecraft is a straightforward process. You can break a Cactus block using any tool or even your hand without sustaining any damage.

Pro tip: When breaking a Cactus plant, aim for the bottommost block. This will automatically break the blocks above, saving time and the risk of losing items by falling onto the lower Cactus block.

Upon breaking a Cactus, a smaller piece of the plant floats on the ground. Be sure to collect it before it disappears, after which it will appear in your hotbar. Being a versatile item, it’s wise to keep Cactus in your inventory for future use.

Practical Uses of Cactus in Minecraft

Now that you know how to get Cactus in Minecraft, let’s delve into some practical applications of this unique plant.

Crafting Green Dye

If you wish to add some color to your blocks, such as terracotta, glass, concrete blocks, beds, or wool, dyes come in handy. One such dye is the green dye, crafted exclusively by smelting a Cactus in a furnace. This process also rewards you with some experience points, making it doubly beneficial.

Breeding Camels

Camels, introduced in Minecraft 1.20, are an interesting addition to the game’s passive and rideable mobs. These tall creatures come with some cool features, including the ability to breed. To breed camels in your Minecraft world, you’ll need their favorite food – the Cactus. It can also be used to hasten the growth of baby camels.


Being a plant, Cactus can be placed in a composter in Minecraft. It has a 50% chance of raising the compost level, producing bone meal – an essential component in farms like a tree farm.


Potted Cactus serves as an appealing house plant, adding a dash of greenery to your Minecraft house.

Trash Can

An unusual yet handy use of a Cactus is as a trash can. If you find yourself with an excess of certain items, throwing them onto a Cactus ensures instant evaporation, preventing any lag caused by items scattered on the ground.

Item ID and Name for Minecraft Cactus

In the realm of Minecraft, a Cactus carries different names and IDs across various platforms. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

In Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac), a Cactus is identified as follows:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – Java Edition (PC/Mac) Version – 1.8 – 1.20

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE)

For Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), a Cactus has the following identification:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – Pocket Edition (PE) Version – 1.0 – 1.20.0

Minecraft Xbox One

Minecraft Xbox One identifies a Cactus as:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – Xbox One Version – 1.6.0 – 1.20.0

Minecraft PS4

In Minecraft PS4, a Cactus carries the following identification:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – PS4 Version – 1.14.0 – 1.20.0

Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Minecraft Nintendo Switch identifies a Cactus as:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – Nintendo Switch Version – 1.6.0 – 1.20.0

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

In Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, a Cactus is identified as follows:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – Windows 10 Edition Version – 1.0 – 1.20.0

Minecraft Education Edition

For Minecraft Education Edition, a Cactus has the following identification:

Item Description (Minecraft ID Name) – Cactus (minecraft:cactus) Data Value – 0 Stack Size – 64 Platform – Education Edition Version – 1.0 – 1.18.32

Exploring Block States for Cactus in Minecraft

Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac), the block states for Cactus are:

Block State Value – Default Required – Yes Example Description – age 0

Block State Value – Default Required – No Example Description – age 1

This pattern continues up to age 15, where the Cactus is old enough to grow more above it.

For Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10 Edition, the block states for Cactus follow the same pattern.

Wrapping Up

Minecraft Cactus, an intriguing plant block, adds an interesting layer to the game, offering a variety of unique uses. From crafting green dye and breeding camels to serving as a trash can and a decorative element, knowing how to get Cactus in Minecraft opens up a realm of opportunities for players. With its unique mechanics and practical uses, Cactus stands out as a valuable asset in the vast Minecraft universe.

So, the next time you set foot in a desert biome or stumble upon a wandering trader, don’t forget to gather some Cacti. After all, these prickly plants might just be the key to crafting that green bed or breeding a herd of camels!

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