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How to get Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

From last few years, there has been more emphasis from developers and now consumers also to imply dark theme or “dark mode” in the UI of the smartphones only.

Apple last year introduced a dark mode in its new Mac OS update and it’s rumoured that Apple is trying to come up with the same dark mode in the iOS device.

On the other hand, Samsung has finally implemented Dark UI from the inception of One UI, their latest UI for their current generation smartphones. But still, there are apps which have yet to support the dark mode to fully give you the feel of it.

This feature is not yet activated for everyone and is currently rolling out at a slow pace. You can try both of our methods and maybe it will work for you.

Note:-Make sure you are running the latest version of the Facebook Messenger App

How to activate dark mode in Facebook Messenger App

Send moon emoji on chat to any of your friend

  1. Open your messenger.
  2. Open any chat window of your friend.
  3. Click on emoji menu.
  4. Pick the crescent moon emoji available in one of the tabs.
  5. 🌙this is the emoji you would be looking for
  6. Paste it on the chatbox of a messenger.
  7. Hit send.
  8. You will find the following option on the top of the screen, saying: You Found Dark Mode!
  9. Click on “Turn on in Settings”.
  10. Turn the setting “on” from the slider in the new window.
  11. A popup will appear stating that “Work in Progress“.Click OK.

Pro Tip:- Can’t find the moon emoji? just copy-paste it from a 5th point and paste it on messenger and hit Enter


The alternate way to activate the dark mode in Facebook Messenger is to get the same moon emoji from one of your friends and thus it would get activated in your account.

NOTE:- Currently Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android support this dark mode and you can’t use this trick on Desktop version of the site

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