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How to get free Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Evee for Pokémon Let’s Go

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he Pokémon Company has a new rewards program available to U.S. players that allows people to get digital rewards for their Pokémon Trainer Club accounts via a new app called Pokémon Pass. You can download Pokémon Pass in the App Store in the United States, so you get know when  in-store promotions are taking place in your area.

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How to get the Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Evee?

All players can get a free Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Eevee for their Pokémon Let’s Go: Eevee or Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu games, by entering a participating Target store, opening up the Pokémon Pass app, and scanning a QR code.

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What’s the duration of this promotion?

The promotion is running from May 11, 2019 through June 23, 2019.


From the Press:-

“To receive one of these Pokémon, players can download the new Pokémon Pass app for select iOS and Android devices. The app delivers exclusive digital rewards to Pokémon Trainer Club account owners when they’re at designated retail locations. When players who have downloaded the app enter a participating Target store, Pokémon Pass will use geolocation to automatically notify them of nearby reward offerings. The app will then guide them through several prompts, including one to scan a special QR Code found in-store so that they can claim their Shiny Pikachu or Shiny Eevee.”



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