How to get Jungle Warrior title in PUBG Mobile easily in 30 minutes

Jungle Warrior in PUBG Mobile
Jungle Warrior in PUBG Mobile
Jungle Warrior Title in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has released another event-specific Title to grab for players.

It is an event-specific title that the players can get from Sanhok Relic Hunt. The event began on 24th June and will end on 7th July. The players can complete the mission on any map, and it is not specific to only Sanhok. 

PUBG Mobile players need to complete daily missions to get Bone Chain, Sundial, and Mysterious Feather.

In this, we would discuss and give you a sleek trick on how you can get Jungle Warrior title for free in PUBG Mobile.

How to get Jungle warrior title in PUBG Mobile?

You can quickly redeem the title called Jungle Warrior title in PUBG by playing today’s daily missions i.e. 

  • Complete one Classic match (reward is one bone chain) 
  • Complete three Classic matches (reward is one sundial)
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes in the game (reward is one mysterious feather)

These are the three missions that are the easiest and can be completed very easily as compared to other missions.

Pro Tip: For the first and second missions, players just need to start the match.

Final Words

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. We have also written many other guides for other PUBG mobile titles such as Sharpshooter, Well-Liked etc!

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