How to Get Maxed Up Title in PUBG Mobile

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to get Maxed Up Title in PUBG Mobile. Getting maxed up title is difficult task as you always have to push yourself. We have already covered two guide how you can acheived the title in pubg. One is Well-Liked Title and other one SharpShooter Title so don’t forget to check those out.

What is Maxed Up Title in PUBG Mobile?

To get this title you have to level up to 100. Yes, it’s too much! Like for this title to be achieved you need to play a LOT! Literally!

In this guide, I am going to tell you how to achieve this title with fewer efforts (But it would require ample time and hard work)

Items needed to speed up?

You would require Double Experience coupons to get double the experience you earn, but before that let talk about some pacifist.

What is pacifist in pubg mobile?

Pubg has many achievement and title that you can unlock by playing game. Playing is not everything, you have to play smart to get title easily. Why getting pacifist is difficult?

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Because you don’t have to kill anyone and you have get chicken dinner without firing a single shot. You have to play hide and seek without getting seen by any other player, It will take more than 35 minutes to get this title.

How to Maxed Up Quickly?

  • Play in Server other than Asia like North America and so. This is due to the fact that you
    would be in bronze level and you would be able to kill lots of bots(The more damage you
    take and the more people you kill in the game, you get more experience)
  • Remember to use Experience Coupons before starting playing matches.
  • Use your BP on crates.
  • Once at one foreign server you are on high Tier. Change the server and then start it again from Bronze Tier (Remember to use Experience Coupon!)
  • Remember the experience coupons work for only 2 hours!
  • Complete missions- There is a separate missions Tab where at every Level you get different set of missions. And if you complete those missions you get additional Experience
  • If you are playing squad mode Turn of Auto Matching and if you playing in a squad of less then four members you would definitely get more experience as experience is distributed among all the team players based on the performance.

The other slow way I chose was to play Miramar and land in the corner, once you are under 20 Alive scenario than you would definitely get experience in positive and not in negative.

What not to Do? What are myths related to Increasing Experience?

  • Using different clothes won’t contribute to your experience increase, Game Play only
  • Die very early in the game! Don’t die before 20 people alive . or at worst die around the situation when Alive competitors < 40 at max.
  • Survival > Kills! NO! To increase your experience more you need more kills. Yup, it’s true that if you survive till Alive 20 or 10 you would get good experience and all but if you kill 10 and die around 70 or 50 you would definitely get more experience.

So guys tell me at which level you are on? And do you think that this is the most time consuming A title that can be achieved? Do let me know in the comments.

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