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How to get PS5 Game Refund?

PS5 game refund

As PlayStation 5 (PS5) continues to transform the gaming scene, its refund policy is increasingly becoming a topic of interest among gamers. This article provides a comprehensive guide to PS5 game refund, covering everything from the conditions for eligibility to the refund process itself. We’ll delve into the intricacies of returning PS5 games, understanding the PlayStation game reimbursement, and insights into the Sony game return policy. Let’s dive in!

How to get PS5 Game Refund? 2

Understanding the PS5 Game Refund Policy

Eligibility Criteria for PS5 Game Refund

It’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria for a PS5 game refund. Sony’s refund policy allows for full reimbursement, provided the game meets specific conditions:

  • Time Frame: You must submit a refund request within 14 days of purchasing the game from the PlayStation store.
  • Game Status: The game should neither be downloaded nor streamed. If you’ve done either, a refund is only possible if the game is defective.

Getting a Game Refund: The Process

There are primarily two ways to initiate a refund on PS5, depending on your preference and circumstances:

Method 1: Using the ‘Request Refund’ Button

This method is arguably the quickest way to initiate a game refund on PS5.

  1. Visit the refund requests webpage on PlayStation’s support website and click on the “Request Refund” button.
  2. The Support Bot will ask if you’re the account owner for the PlayStation Network that was charged. Confirm that you are by clicking on “Yes”.
  3. The Bot will inquire about your reason for the refund. Select “Return a game or add-on”.
  4. You’ll be asked to specify the reason for the refund. Selecting “I’ve changed my mind” is recommended to avoid unnecessary questions.
  5. The Bot will then ask if you’ve streamed or downloaded the content. Confirm that you haven’t by clicking “No”.
  6. Indicate the number of days that have passed since you purchased the game.
  7. The Support Bot will provide a Support ID. Copy it for future reference. You will then have the option to be contacted either by chat or phone.

Method 2: Contacting PlayStation Support

This method is slightly longer but still effective, particularly for UK-based gamers.

  1. Visit the refund requests webpage on PlayStation’s support website.
  2. Scroll down and select the “Games & add-ons option”.
  3. Click on the blue ‘Contact PlayStation Support’ button to officially begin the PS5 game refund process.
  4. Click on the ‘PS Store & Refunds’ option among the different issues.
  5. From the dropdown list that appears, click on ‘PlayStation Store refunds’ to proceed.
  6. Depending on your location (US or UK), you’ll have different options:
    • For US-based Customers: Choose between the “Refund Assistant” and “Live Chat” options. The ‘Refund Assistant’ option is recommended for a quick, straightforward response.
    • For UK-based customers: Click ‘PlayStation Store refunds’ to access the ‘Email Us’ option. Fill out the forms that appear with your personal details and the specifics of your purchase, along with a detailed description in the ‘Request Details’ section.

After completing these steps, submit your form. An automated confirmation email will be sent to you. If your request is accepted, you’ll receive another email confirming the successful refund.

PS5 Game Refund: What to Expect

Once your refund request is approved, the money will be returned through the initial payment method. However, some payment methods may result in in-store credit. These include Bancontact (MisterCash), money vouchers, and Paysafecard. In such scenarios, the refunded amount will be added to your PlayStation account, which you can use for future purchases.


Navigating the PS5 game refund process might seem complex, but with this guide, you should be able to handle it with ease. Remember, the key to a smooth refund process lies in understanding the eligibility criteria and following the right steps. Happy gaming!

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