How to get Well-Liked Title in PUBG Mobile Easily

well-liked title in PUBG mobile
Well-liked title in PUBG mobile

Its no doubt that PUBG Mobile came by storm and became the number one game in Google’s Play Store for the year 2018. What makes this game more interesting is the way they put various challenges and tasks for gamers to accomplish. Performing some tasks gives you titles.

What are the Titles in PUBG Mobile?

Titles are the achievements which you can show off to other players while in the Lobby or if you are having RP, your name along with the Title would be displayed to all the 100 players playing in that match including you.

What is Well-Liked Title in PUBG Mobile?

A well-liked title can be achieved when you get a total of 1000 likes on your profile of PUBG.

Various Ways to get Likes on Your PUBG Mobile Profile

1.Play Classic Mode Game.

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2.Play Arcade Mode Game.

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How to get Well-Liked Title Easily?

1. You need 3 of your friends with you.

2. According to calculation, you need to play 334 matches total with 3 friends in order to gain 1000 likes.

3. Don’t play a classic match! Play Arcade match which lasts for 8 minutes.


 Land in a busy area and die as soon as possible. Once you die, wait for all your teammates to die. If after dying you go back to lobby you won’t be able to give like to other players and same for your friends too.

Once your friends also die(within 2-3 minutes) you can get 3 likes. Thus in maximum 3 minutes, you get 3 minutes.. thus in 1000 minutes or 16 hours of gameplay, you can get this title.

Do tell us in comments how many likes you have currently in PUBG Mobile?

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