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How to Glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley, a virtual world where dreams come to life, offers a magical experience that captivates players. With the introduction of the ability to glide around the map, the game has become even more enchanting. This guide will take you through the steps on how to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley on Nintendo Switch, a feature that has revolutionized movement within the game.

How to Glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley
How to Glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley 2

The Magical World of Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the captivating world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you get to live your dream and experience magic at every turn. The game world expands with each update, introducing new characters, realms, and adventures. With the ability to glide, you can now explore this ever-evolving world in a whole new way.

What is Gliding in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Glide is a newly introduced feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This innovative ability allows you to move around the map at a faster pace, making exploration and quest completion more efficient and fun.

How to Activate the Glide Feature

The glide feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley is linked to the Well-Fed bonus. This bonus can be activated by consuming hearty meals within the game. Here’s how it works:

  1. Eat a hearty meal: The first step to activating the glide feature is to consume a well-cooked meal in the game. This will overfill your energy bar, activating the Well-Fed bonus.
  2. Check your energy bar: Once the Well-Fed bonus is active, your energy bar will turn gold. This signifies that you can now perform critical actions like mining gems, foraging items, and, of course, gliding around the map.

How to Glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley on Nintendo Switch

With the Well-Fed bonus active, you will notice an increase in your character’s movement speed. A ‘Sprint’ option will also appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Here’s how to glide:

  1. Press the B button: On Nintendo Switch, press the B button to activate the glide feature. Your character will start to move around the map at a faster pace.
  2. Monitor your energy levels: Gliding consumes energy. If you use up all the additional energy gained from the Well-Fed bonus, you will lose the ability to glide. Your character will revert to the slower pace until you consume more meals to restore the bonus.

Cooking Meals to Activate the Well-Fed Bonus

The Well-Fed bonus, which enables you to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley, can only be activated by consuming cooked meals. Here’s how to cook meals:

  1. Gather ingredients: Start by gathering the necessary ingredients for your meal. You can do this by foraging around the map.
  2. Cook the meal: Once you have all the ingredients, you can cook your meal. Remember, only well-cooked meals can activate the Well-Fed bonus.
  3. Consume the meal: After cooking the meal, consume it to activate the Well-Fed bonus and gain the ability to glide around the map.

Exploring Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the ability to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley, exploration becomes a breeze. This feature allows you to cover more ground, making it easier to complete quests, forage for items, and discover new areas. So, make sure to use this feature to make the most of your Disney Dreamlight Valley experience.


Whether you’re a new player or a veteran, knowing how to glide in Disney Dreamlight Valley on a Nintendo Switch can greatly enhance your gaming experience. With this guide, you should now be able to activate the glide feature and explore the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley like never before.

Happy gliding

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