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How To Hard Reset Android Phone [Guide 2023]

Experiencing a sluggish or unresponsive Android phone can be quite a nuisance. More often than not, a hard reset can serve as the first-aid solution to fix such issues. Also called a factory reset, a hard reset Android phone can significantly enhance its speed and fix latent bugs. However, it’s crucial to note that it eliminates all data saved on your device.

In this guide, we will delve into the details of how to hard reset an Android phone and examine its features, application scenarios, and potential downsides. Whether you want to restore your Android phone to factory settings or reset your Android phone without a password, you will find all the necessary guidance here.

Understanding Factory Reset: What Does a Hard Reset Do?

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset, is an action that reverts your phone to its original state, as it was when it first came out of the box. Here are some key features of a hard reset:

  • It is typically used when your Android phone is frozen, locked, or not reacting as it should.
  • It boosts your phone’s running speed.
  • It rectifies some unknown bugs that certain apps may have caused.
  • A factory reset will eliminate everything previously saved on the phone.
  • It will update your operating system to the latest version.

However, it’s critical to remember that a factory reset should be your last resort to fix issues with your phone. Why? Because it erases all your data. Before you proceed with a factory reset, you should always try to back up your data or recover your contacts after the factory reset.

Hard Reset Android Phone from Settings

Assuming your Android phone is functioning normally, and you can access the settings, here’s how you can reset your Android phone from settings. This is the most common and simplest way to hard reset an Android phone.

Step 1: Open the list of Apps on your phone.

Step 2: Select the Settings app.

Step 3: Locate and select “Backup and reset.”

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Factory data reset” > “RESET DEVICE” > “ERASE EVERYTHING.”

This method will effectively restore your Android phone to factory settings.

Hard Reset Android Phone with Hardware Buttons

In certain situations, you might not be able to access the Settings app on your Android phone. This could be due to reasons such as a locked phone, a broken screen, or the phone not turning on. In such instances, you can perform an external factory reset using the power and volume buttons on your phone. Here’s how you can hard reset your Android phone using these buttons:

Step 1: Ensure that your Android device is switched off.

Step 2: Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Volume Up/Down buttons. Release them when the device vibrates and the booting menu appears on the screen.

Step 3: In the Recovery Mode, select “wipe data/factory reset.”

Step 4: Choose “factory data reset.”

Step 5: Finally, select “reboot system now” to reboot your device.

Once this process is completed, you will find that all data on your phone has been erased.

Resetting a Locked Android Phone: Third-Party Unlocking Tools

If you’re locked out of your device and want to perform a hard reset, you can use third-party unlocking tools. For instance, EaseUS MobiUnlock for Android is a popular tool designed to resolve lock screen issues on Android phones.

To use this tool:

Step 1: Download EaseUS MobiUnlock on your computer and launch the software.

Step 2: Select “Remove Screen Lock.”

Step 3: Select your phone brand and follow the onscreen instructions to reset the locked Android phone.

Step 4: The unlocking process will reset the locked phone without a password.

Using Google’s Find My Device to Reset Android Phone

An alternative method to hard reset an Android phone, especially when you have lost your device or it’s been stolen, is using Google’s Find My Device service. This service helps Android users locate, lock, and erase their devices.

To use this service, you need to ensure that the ‘Find My Device’ feature and the Location service are enabled on your Android phone. Here’s how you can reset your phone using Find My Device:

Step 1: Visit the Find My Device website.

Step 2: Sign in with your Google account.

Step 3: Choose your Android device.

Step 4: Select “ERASE DEVICE.”

Step 5: You will be asked to enter a password to lock your device on the next screen.

Step 6: Once you’re done, your device will be reset in about five minutes. You can then use the password to unlock it.


In this guide, we have explored several ways on how to hard reset an Android phone. Whether you want to hard reset an Android phone from recovery mode, restore your Android phone to factory settings, or reset your Android phone without a password, you now have the knowledge to do so.

Remember, a hard reset should be your last resort as it wipes all data from your phone. Always remember to back up your data before proceeding with a factory reset.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I bypass Google account verification after a factory reset?

No, a factory reset won’t erase the Google account linked with your Android phone. After completing a factory reset, you will be prompted to sign in with your Google account. There are specific tools designed exclusively for bypassing Google account sign-in.

Will a factory data reset erase my SD card data?

No. An SD card’s contents can only be deleted if the card itself is formatted. A factory data reset will only wipe data in the phone’s internal memory.

Will I have to re-download all my apps and files after a factory reset?

Yes, you will have to download all the apps that were previously on the device again. Moreover, once you download these apps, you will be asked to re-sign in with the appropriate account and password.

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