How to install Android Q Beta on your Pixel?

Android Q is the latest mobile operating system which Google would be launching this year for their flagship smartphones (Pixels 3 and Pixel 4(unreleased)).

Google recently pushed Android Q beta 2 updates to the developers and developers were astonished on their findings.

Some of these are:-

  • Actionable Wifi and Bluetooth options in latest beta version
  • Remapping squeeze feature in Pixels
  • Developers get more options on how to use microphones

But if you are still on Android Pie and want a taste of the latest offering from Google You can get the Android Q beta on your phone!

NOTE:- ANDROID Q is still in BETA. There would be many bugs. We insist to install it in your secondary phone rather than on your primary one.

Supported Phones

  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL

Steps to get the Beta update on your phone

  1. Go to Android Beta program portal on your supported Android Phone.
  2. Use your Google account associated with that phone to sign in.
  3. Scroll down to Your eligible devices section.
  4. Find your device in the Beta program and tap Opt-in.
  5. Follow the prompts on your phone to accept the OTA download.
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My phone is buggy now! How to Go back to Android Pie?

You will need  to download the Pie factory image of an android pie

Flash the bootloader:-

./fastboot flash bootloader [bootloader file].img

Once flashing the bootloader is done, you would be rebooted back into the bootloader to make sure everything is still working correctly.

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

CAUTION: The following line of code will wipe your device.

Final step:- install the image of android Pie

./fastboot -w update [image file].zip

I hope you liked this tutorial. Do tell us in the comments if you find any bugs or any inconsistencies in the above tutorial.

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