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How to log out/remove your account from google playstore/phone device

This article is a part of Android Newbie series. You might own many Android devices at home and might be using the same Gmail address or different email addresses for using Google services such as Play Store, Google Music, Gmail App, etc.

Features of a Google Account

If you own a Google Account you get a bunch of free as well as paid features to access. Some of them are:

  1. Google Mail
  2. Youtube
  3. Blogger
  4. Android Studio
  5. Youtube Developer Studio
  6. Google Webmasters
  7. Adwords
  8. Chrome browser with its maximum features enabled. (e.g Plugins)
  9. Google Play Store (Android)
  10. Google Calendar

Remove your Google account from a device

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/
  2. Now scroll horizontally and Tap on Security.
  3. Scroll down till you reach the section –Your devices.
  4. Click on Manage Device.
  5. Tap on the device which you want to logout/remove.
  6. Click on Remove.

Remove your Google account from the device [Video Tutorial]

Final Words

If you change your devices frequently or if you are giving your Android device to other family member or friend, it’s very necessary that you remove your Google account from your device or else the person to whom you gave the device can access all settings of your Google Account, including Gmail, Youtube history etc.

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