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How To Make A YouTube Outro To Grow Your Channel?

The YouTube Outro is the last segment of the video, one of the best-practised SEO techniques that leaves an impact on the viewer. A compelling and unique Outro helps increase the overall viewership as well as encourage the audience to take a certain action on the video. An attractive Outro helps in growing the channel using strategic techniques. 

What Exactly is a YouTube Outro? 

Make a Youtube Outro to grow your channel
Youtube Outro to grow your channel

Before going into specifics about making an Outro, we need to know what exactly it is and why it is essential for the channel. 

The Outro Video helps in optimizing the video and increase viewer engagement, redirect more traffic, and increase subscribers. Use an Outro Maker to create captivating Outros with the inclusion of a CTA which encourages viewers to subscribe, buy a product, visit another website, download free guides, or watch other videos. 

This strategic method helps in increasing the reach of the YouTube channel. Make sure that the links are clickable for making the Outros impactful. Different types of content that can be inserted for creating the Outros are:

  • Subscribe Button – The CTA link helps in increasing the channel subscriber. Add a link to the channel for the viewer to subscribe. 
  • Link download option – This is basically for adding the link to download a free guide or an e-book related to the content. 
  • Link to sites or videos – The Outro can link a different YouTube Channel, video, or a website for the viewers to see. 

Basic Requirement for an Impactful YouTube Outro

Understanding the optimal specification for creating an Outro for YouTube is important. The aspect ratio, size, background, and dimensions are important. Keep in mind these simple things to create an impressive YouTube Outro.

Aspect Ratio and Dimension

The best aspect ratio for an Outro is 16: 9 as it caters to the standard size of the screen. Keep the resolution of 1920px x 1080px but be mindful of choosing the right dimensions for other elements or links. The elements are available in a different size, and it should be used accordingly. Use the dimension of 294px X 294px for inserting a subscribe, channel, or website link.  


Choose the background carefully, preferably depending on the type of content. If possible, keep it plain and simple to make the insertions stand out. If the Outro elements inserted are in a dark shade, it is recommended to use a light shade for background and vice versa.

Length of the Outro 

The length of the Outro Video is important. An Intro Maker is used for Intro with recommended length not going beyond 10 seconds. However, an Outro for YouTube should be slightly longer, around 15 to 20 seconds. This gives the viewer ample time to click on the link and check the elements inserted in the Outro. 

Follow These Practices to Create a Good Outro

The Outro continues to engage the viewers by taking them to the next step through the call to action option. Be it linking another video or subscribe option or website; it is necessary to be creative without overdoing it. These simple, yet effective practices will create amazing Outros. 

Sync it with your Goals

Ask yourself a simple question – What do you exactly want from YouTube Video? Once you know the answer, stick to the goal, and create a relevant Outro. The YouTube Outro must align with what you want to achieve – subscribers, more views on other videos, redirecting to the website, downloading e-book or shop for a product. Avoid adding irrelevant content and keep it precise.

This will help in directing the viewers to where you want them to go. A CTA for purchasing or checking a product will increase its sales. Likewise, linking a video will increase its viewership, and download will increase the download of guides or e-books.

Simple and Easy for Audience

No one wants to watch something complicated and puzzling. The YouTube Outro should be simple and clear, with a focus on the elements used in the Outro. Keep the background free of clutter and preferably use colors that let the elements pop out. Too much clutter in the background distracts the viewer. 

Make sure to keep enough white space to ensure elements are optimally placed without crowding. When there are many elements, it becomes confusing and overwhelming for the viewer. 

Choose an Appropriate CTA

The main purpose of YouTube Outro is the use of an appropriate call to action. It is vital to use words like “Click here”, “Download” or “Subscribe” with a direction arrow pointing to the elements. Include links to relevant content or products related to the video. The best part of the Outro is the integration of more than one CTA, and opening more options for the viewer to follow. 

Quick Outro with Templates

To create a good Outro, you do not need to be a technical wizard. There are thousands of easy to use templates that will help in creating a customized Outro. They are easy to create, and all you need to do is fill in the pre-existing template with the elements and background. Consistency is an integral part of the Outro.

Make sure to use similar Outro Video on your YouTube videos to make it convenient for repeated visitors. The use of consistent elements, background, colours, images, or logo along with CTA is a good practice for the channel. 


While creating an Outro for YouTube, you must have a clear purpose, whether it’s to gain viewers or subscribers or increase sales conversion. Use the free templates and create the Outro to see the channel grow and make videos more impactful.

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