How to put any song as ringtone on any iPhone?

We all know that iOS is very restricted and Apple provides with very less control over their operating system. Currently, by default, you can only set your ringtone from the choices given to you by Apple itself.

Means no Bollywood or Hollywood songs you can put as your ringtone. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how you can set any song as your ringtone on any iPhone.

Tutorial Requirements

  • iTunes. (Click to download)
  • A Free iOS Application is available on Apple’s App Store.

How to set any song as ringtone on iPhone?

  • On your iPhone, download this App.
  • Once downloaded. Sync your iPhone through iTunes, with the song you want to make as a ringtone.
  • Once you have inserted the song which you want as a ringtone. Go to your iPhone and open the installed App.
  • From your Music Library select the song which you want to make your ringtone as.
  • Now as you are making a ringtone you can only create it for 30 seconds.
  • Select the duration of the song by dragging the bar so that it covers your favorite part of the song.
  • Now once you save the ringtone through the app. Connect your iPhone to your Laptop/PC.
  • Open iTunes. Go to your iPhone section.
  • Now scroll to the Apps part and search for the ringtones app on your iPhone.
  • You can see your ringtone on the side in the Files List.
  • Select your ringtone file and click on Save.
  • Save it on Desktop.
  • Now Drag and drop that ringtone file over the Panel named “On your Device”.
  • Sync your iPhone.
  • Once Sync is completed, Go to Settings.
  • Go to Sounds & Notifications option.
  •  Now from the Ringtones Option, you can see your created ringtone on the top of the list.
  • Tap on your Song name to set it as a ringtone.

How do I Change the Custom Ringtone on iPhone? 

Final Words

This tutorial works for all the iPhone versions which support a change of ringtones and are able to sync with iTunes.I hope you liked this tutorial. If you find any issue or any error in the above tutorial, please do mention it below in the comments section so that we can make this tutorial as accurate as possible.

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