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5 best ways How to Rank YouTube Videos Quickly

In this post, we will tell you how to can rank YouTube videos quickly. If you want more traffic and subscribers on your Channel then this perfect Tutorial How to rank YouTube Videos.

YouTube, the American video-sharing website is known by one and all and it is convenient enough to say that all of us spend some amount of time each day in either viewing or uploading videos to the ever-growing YouTube family.


how to rank youtube videos
how to rank YouTube videos

There are billions of users on YouTube and an approximate of 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute! So if you are also uploading your masterpiece on YouTube, I’m pretty sure the aforementioned numbers must have made you upset.

So how do you save your video from getting lost amidst so many videos? Well, we are here with the solution! And with the new update on this article we have included some good videos from the YouTube creators and some info-graphic images also to help you out ranking YouTube videos.

How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast?

This is a 5 step guide which would teach you how you can rank any genre YouTube video and can get most of the watch time from your subscribers. Along with some hard work one can get new subscribers too while using these tricks to rank your video.

Step 1: Mind your video length

Previously, the YouTube algorithm was such that if you got more views, you stand in a higher position on the list. There has however been a change of policy. While the number of views still stay as a prime factor for your rank, additional factors like comments, shares and the number of seconds viewed are also taken into consideration.


Make videos with a minimum length of a minute, for shorter videos are usually taken to be spam. Make a video with good content that is long and has the potential to hold the viewer’s interest, but doesn’t make them too long if your content is not very strong.

BOTTOM LINE: provide videos that offer great content and drive engagement.

Infographic : How long must be your video?

Social Video Infographic
Social Video Infographic

Step 2: Give your video a proper name

Give a name that suits your video and approximates the content of the video. Improper naming is a very common optimisation mistake and can rank down your videos. Carefully use keywords that will give your videos a better edge.

YouTube obviously is unaware of your video’s content so an algorithm will take a look at your raw file to determine the content. You thereby need to optimise your video in the following manner:

  1. Go to your video file which is ready to be uploaded
  2. Right click on the same and choose the “Get Info” option
  3. Add some content-related tags to your video
  4. Under the “Name and Extension” option, name the file with the help of your top keywords
  5. Write a brief description in the comment section

Below is a good video on how to come up with a good YouTube video name by Think Media YouTube Channel

After uploading this file to your YouTube account, it will automatically pull through the raw file name. This is the same title you want to use for your video.

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Step 3: Video description

ALWAYS! Always add a link to your website. YouTube is already providing you with an audience. Now it’s your job to entertain and engage that audience and drive them to your website, where you will complete the marketing process. After adding the link, optimise your description. Some ways of optimising your description:

  1. Write a description of at least 200 words
  2. Use proper keywords and synonyms
  3. Never copy your description. Always use a unique description for each of your videos

Here is another video by YouTube Creators to help your understanding more.

Step 4: Create a playlist

Playlists are the last bit you need to do before uploading your video. Create a playlist using keywords and synonyms related to your video. They add another layer of signals to tell YouTube what your video is about.

Consider these examples:

  • Keyword 1: 5 ways how to rank YouTube videos quickly
  • Keyword 2: Get more views on YouTube videos
  • The raw file name and video name: 5 ways how to rank YouTube videos quickly: Get more views on YouTube videos
  • Video description: Include synonym keywords like ranking videos on YouTube, how to get more views on a YouTube video, video marketing, video SEO, YouTube marketing and so on
  • Playlist name: Video Marketing-YouTube Marketing-Ranking videos on Youtube

Step 5: Eye-catching thumbnails

Choose your thumbnail wisely, for there will be a lot of videos with the same content as yours and by choosing a proper thumbnail you can control the first impression of the user. It is preferable to use a thumbnail that tells the user what your video is actually about and why they should click on it.



When you use a proper thumbnail, you will notice the drastic increase on the Click Through Rates (CTRs) of your video. To add a custom thumbnail, just click on “Custom Thumbnail” option on the “Upload” screen.

Keep track of a few things while choosing a custom thumbnail:

  1. The optimal size of the image is 1280 x 720
  2. Should have a .jpg, .png, .gif or .bmp extension.
  3. Should be less than 2 MB.
  4. Make use of bright colours like yellow, red or orange to stand out against the white background and blue links.

Infographic :-How to put a Good Thumbnail to rank YouTube Videos easily

Youtube Thumbnail infographic
Youtube Thumbnail infographic

Final words

Daily thousands of videos get uploaded on YouTube and these creators do a lot of hard work in making these videos by using costly video cameras, renting locations, using various gadgets in order to help with the video and sound quality. But still if you don’t know how to use the YouTube video attributes and its features, you can’t rank the YouTube video to first page.

Thus to rank any YouTube video easily you need to put each and every effort be it in terms of video quality or any SEO optimisation techniques and by following some of the basic tricks mentioned above in the article.

Dhaval is a tech geek who loves developing software, games and writing technical posts. In his free time, he loves to read novels.

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