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How To Remove Glance from Samsung Lock Screen

Is the Glance feature on your Samsung device becoming a nuisance? Are your lock screen wallpapers changing without your intervention? If you’re looking to reclaim control of your lock screen, you’re not alone. This guide will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove Glance from the lock screen in Samsung devices.

Understanding Glance on Samsung Devices

Before we plunge into the process, let’s take a moment to understand what Glance is. Glance is essentially a third-party service that alters the lock screen of your Samsung smartphone. It sporadically changes the wallpaper of your device’s lock screen, offering a new visual experience every time you glance at your screen, hence the name.

Manufacturers of numerous Android phones, including Samsung, have partnered with Glance, offering it as a default service on their phones. This widespread usage has led to its popularity among Android users. However, it also has its drawbacks.

The Flip Side of Glance

While at first glance (pun intended), Glance might seem like a harmless lock screen personalization app, it also doubles as adware. The app is notorious for displaying notifications and wallpapers embedded with advertisements, which can annoy users.

Furthermore, Glance operates in the background, consuming data and battery, which can negatively impact your smartphone experience. Therefore, disabling Glance on your Samsung device might be a wise decision.

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Disabling Glance on Samsung Devices

The ‘Glance’ feature might have different names depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone. On Samsung devices, it is listed as ‘Glance.’ Here’s a simple guide to help you disable it on your device.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Start by opening the Settings app on your Samsung device. Scrutinize the list and tap on ‘Wallpaper and style.’

Step 2: Select Wallpaper

Once you’re in the ‘Wallpaper and style’ settings, tap on ‘Change wallpapers.’

Step 3: Choose Wallpaper Services

Under the ‘Change wallpapers’ option, you will find the ‘Wallpaper services’ feature. Select it, and you will see the Glance option.

Step 4: Deactivate Glance

To remove Glance from your lock screen, choose ‘None.’ This action will remove Glance from your lock screen.

Note: This step will also disable the dynamic lock screen on your Samsung phone. If you wish to keep the dynamic lock screen enabled while deactivating Glance, select the appropriate option.

FAQs on Disabling Glance on Samsung Devices

Can I permanently uninstall Glance from my Samsung device?

Yes, you can permanently uninstall Glance from your Samsung device. However, you will need a computer for this. Refer to our guide on uninstalling system apps using the ADB method, and use the same to uninstall Glance from your phone.

How to stop Glance from reactivating after every reboot?

The only solution to this problem is to completely uninstall the Glance app. However, if you own a Samsung phone, you cannot fix this issue. You will have to disable Glance or Dynamic wallpaper after every reboot.

Can I disable ads while keeping Glance active?

No, you cannot disable the lock screen ads that come with Glance. If you want to enjoy the lock screen customization features of Glance, you will have to tolerate occasional ads and pop-ups.

Additional Tips

Aside from disabling Glance, you can also customize your Android lock screen in a battery-friendly way. Check out these tips on customizing your Android lock screen for more information.

Wrapping Up

Glance and Dynamic Lock screen picture can be irritating, especially for customization enthusiasts who want complete control over their lock screen. This guide should help you turn off the dynamic lock screen on your Samsung device share it with your friends and family who are having Samsung phone.

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