How to replace Apple Airpods?

Apple Airpods are one of the finest truly wireless earphones in the market, but with great gadgets comes the great reponsibilities.

Apple Airpods are tiny and they can be misplaced very easily or you might have broken your airpods! possibilities are unlimited.

There can be three cases associated with your Airpods replace program

  1. Your Apple AirPods are under warranty.
  2. Your Apple AirPods out of warranty.
  3. You have lost your Apple Airpods totally.

Things require to replace Apple Airpods

  1. You would require your Airpods (defected or the remaining ones).
  2. AirPods Serial Number
  3. Proof of purchase (example reciept you got when you purchased the Airpods.

Question : How to know the serial number of Airpods?

Answer : Connect your Airpods with your iPhone. Go to Settings> General> About >AirPods.

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Alternatively you can view your Airpods serial number underside of the AirPods lid casing.

Item Battery Service Out of Warranty Lost piece
Air Pods  49 USD each 69 USD each 69 USD each
Charging Case 49 USD 49 USD 69 USD


Did you know?

If one of your AirPods earbuds (or the charging case) breaks due to manufacturing defect within the first year of purchase , you can go to Apple to replace the affected piece for free.

How to replace Apple AirPods?

  1. You need to head to Apple’s Official Ticket site and open a support ticket.
  2. Now Click on “Bring in for Repair” option to find a local Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider to replace the affected AirPod.

That’s it!

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Final Words

Apple Airpods cover
Apple Airpods cover

Try to keep your Airpods along with the charging case safe inside your pocket or you can purchase cases of Airpods from Amazon which have a buckle which can be tugged in with your belt.


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