Are you someone who uses multiple windows simultaneously? If yes, you definitely could use multiple monitors.  It would not only make your work seem easier but also help you go it in lesser time.

Find out how to set up multiple monitors on Windows 10

Firstly, check whether your CPU supports multiple video connections which can be through HDMI, DVI, VGA or DisplayPort cables.

Connect your primary monitor to your CPU using the main connection port. The other monitor(s) can be connected to the CPU using the other connection ports that are available.

Once the connections are made, switch on your computer and power on the other monitors. You can only use the primary monitor right now as the rest of the monitors are not set up yet. In order to set up the other monitor(s), follow these steps.

  1. Go to ‘Settings‘.

Set Up Multiple Monitors On Windows 10

2. Click on ‘System‘.

How To Set Up Multiple Monitors On Windows 10 2

3. In ‘Display‘, you will have the option of ‘Multiple displays‘ under which there is a ‘Detect‘ option.

4. Once you monitors are detected, the following options will appear. Select the one as per your requirements.

Set Up Multiple Monitors On Windows 10

Duplicate these displays‘ shows the mirror image of primary monitor onto the secondary and the other monitors connected.

Extend these displays‘ lets you utilize both the monitors by allowing different applications to be displayed on each.

Show desktop only on 1‘ and ‘Show desktop only on 2‘ show the desktop only on the first and second monitor respectively.

Hope this article helped you to set multiple monitors on Windows 10. If you are facing any difficulty then let us know.

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