How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10

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In this post, we will tell you How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10. A screenshot is basically an image taken of whatever is present on your screen. Screenshot can be taken on any platform and Windows 10 is no exception.

It is a built-in feature, although many third-party apps can also be put into use for taking a screenshot. Here, we are going to tell you about the various ways of taking a screenshot on Windows 10.

METHOD 1: Use the PrtScn button to take quick screenshots

You can use the PrtScn button on your keyboard to take quick screenshots. The Print Screen button has many advantages. It can take a screenshot and save it as a file, take a screenshot without saving it as a file or take a screenshot of only a single window, instead of capturing the entire screen.


  • Press the Windows key followed by the Print Screen key (At this moment, you will notice that your screen dims for a short while, which means that the screenshot has been successfully taken).
  • To view your screenshot, go to the Pictures library on your PC.
  • Open the Screenshots folder to view all your screenshots.
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How to Take Screenshot in Windows 10


To take the screenshot of any app or window you’ve opened, do these:

  • Click on the app whose screenshot you want. Take note that the app is in the foreground and not behind any other window.
  • Press alt key followed by Print Screen key.
  • Open MS Paint and paste the screenshot over there (use ctrl+V).
  • You can save the screenshot anywhere you want.

screenshot in ms paint


If you want only a portion of the screen to appear on your screenshot, here’s what you have to do:

  • Press Windows key + Shift key + S. You will notice that your screen becomes grey and the shape of your mouse pointer changes.
  • Click and drag to select the area whose screenshot you require.
  • The selected region will be copied to your clipboard. You can now paste it on any application you need.

Screenshot of a portion of screen

METHOD 2: Use the Snipping Tool

The Snipping tool will help you take more flexible screenshots. The Snipping tool has been a part of Windows for quite a long time. This tool made its a debut with Windows Vista and since then nothing much has been changed, only a few bugs have been fixed.

The Snipping tool is capable of taking screenshots of an open window, a rectangular area, a free-form area, or the entire screen. You can easily annotate your snips with different colored pens or a highlighter, save it as an image or MHTML file, or email it to a friend.

The only drawback of the Snipping tool on Windows Vista, 7 and 8 was that it couldn’t capture any screenshot that involved mouse movements, like pop-ups and tooltips and in that case, Print Screen button was used.

However, the Windows 10 Snipping tool is equipped with the Delay option that will allow you to take screenshots of pop-up menus and tooltips. From the drop-down list, click on the number of seconds you want to wait before the screenshot is taken.

Screenshot using Snipping Tool

Click on the Mode option and choose the type of snip you want to take from the four options provided to you. The provided options are “Free-form Snip”, “Rectangular Snip”, “Window Snip” and “Full-screen Snip”.

Rectangular Snip in Snipping tool

While using the Delay option, the screen won’t fade out immediately, as in the case of a regular snip. You will have a delay of 1 to 5 seconds (depending on your choice) to set up your screenshots. You can use this delay to open your pop-up menus or tooltips. Once the delay is over, the screen will freeze and fade out, and your screenshot is ready!

METHOD 3: Use keyboard shortcuts with Game Bar in Windows 10

Windows 10 ships with game DVR capabilities to record gameplay footage and take screenshots of Windows PC games. The screenshots are saved in PNG format and the screenshots get saved under “C:\Users\[your username]\Videos\Captures”. Before using the Game Bar, make sure that you launch the Xbox app that came with your Windows 10. Open your Settings, go to Gaming. Under the Game Bar option, you can assign whatever keyboard shortcut you want for taking the screenshot.

Keyboard shortcut using Game bar

Here you can see that the keyboard shortcut for capturing a screenshot is given as Windows key + Alt key + PrtScn. You can change that accordingly. Once you have used this keyboard shortcut to take the screenshot, a notification will pop up, letting you know that your screenshot has been saved. If you click or tap on the notification, it will open your screenshot.

Viewing all Captures

These were a few easy ways of taking a screenshot on your Windows 10! These are the best way you can take a screenshot in Windows 10.

If you any extra tricks to take a screenshot then let us know through comment!!

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