Whatsapp message without saving
Whatsapp message without saving

WhatsApp, the most popular communication app lets you to chat with your friends,share media such as pdf files,images,videos and talk within the group having 257 members.

Whatsapp trick to message without saving contact
Whatsapp trick to message without saving contact

But sometimes we have to text a number but not save it for future. Currently this feature is not present in Whatsapp.


Current Scenario

There are many 3rd party apps available on the Play Store (E.g.: WhatsDirect) which are doing the same thing, but in this guide we would be covering how to do this without using any other 3rd party applications.

Send Text on WhatsApp without Saving phone number

  • Open your web browser on your smartphone.
  • On address bar paste this : number
  • Don’t hit enter,  replace the phone number on which you want to send the text along with the country code with number in above URL.
  • Remember to omit all the extra spaces or characters, you just have to enter the contact number along with the country code (for example 91 for India).
  • Your final URL would look like this
  • Hit Enter.
  • Click on  MESSAGE button, you’ll be redirected to your WhatsApp  and the chat window will open for that contact.


  • If you put your own mobile number in the above-provided link enter your own contact number. It will open a chat window in which you’ll be chatting with yourself.You can use that chat window as your diary or To-Do list kind of thing


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