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How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the Forest? Best Solution!

Immersing yourself in the thrilling world of Endnight Games’ latest offering, you may find yourself caught between the thrill of exploration and the urgency of survival. One such mechanic that might leave you perplexed is how to unequip weapon Sons of the Forest. It’s not just about battling cannibals and mutants; it’s also about mastering the game mechanics.

How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the Forest
How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the Forest? Best Solution! 2

The Basics: How to Unequip Weapon Sons of the Forest Explained

If you’re wondering how to unequip weapon Sons of the Forest, the answer lies in one simple keystroke. Press the G key on your keyboard and your equipped weapon or item will be returned to your inventory. Be cautious, though, as items like sticks may fall to the ground if your inventory is full. However, unique items, such as a pistol, will not be dropped due to the restriction of one per player.

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Re-Equipping Items and Weapons: A Simple Key Command

To re-equip items or weapons, all you need to do is press the I key. Since there are no hotkeys in the game currently, you can bring up the quick select menu by pressing and holding the I key. This allows you to view your inventory and choose what to equip or unequip.

The Game Design: Understanding Auto-Equipping in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, it might seem like the game is auto-equipping items as you pick them up. However, that’s not always the case. The item gets auto-equipped when you hold the take button (E) for too long. To simply pick up an item without equipping it, you need to tap the E button quickly. This places the item in your backpack without replacing the item in your hands.

The Workaround: How to Disable Auto-Equipping in Sons of the Forest

Although there isn’t an option to disable auto-equipping in the game, understanding the game mechanics helps. The trick is in how long you hold the E button. Tapping it allows you to pick up an item without equipping it, while holding it equips the item. However, items too large for your backpack or picked up with empty hands will still be auto-equipped.

If you need to drop or unequip an object quickly, tapping G will get the job done.


Armed with the knowledge of how to unequip weapon Sons of the Forest, you can navigate the game more effectively. Remember, the key to mastering the game is understanding its mechanics, and this guide aims to help you do just that.

How do I unequip a weapon in Sons of the Forest?

To unequip a weapon in Sons of the Forest, press the key “R” on your keyboard. This will remove the weapon from your character’s hands.

What’s the process for unequipping a weapon?

Unequipping a weapon is straightforward. While holding a weapon, simply press the “R” key, and your character will no longer hold the weapon.

Can I switch to unarmed mode in the game?

Yes, you can switch to unarmed mode by unequipping the weapon using the “R” key, allowing your character to have empty hands.

Is there a specific button or key to put away a weapon?

Yes, the key “R” serves the purpose of putting away a weapon, allowing you to interact with the environment without holding it.

How do I holster my weapon in Sons of the Forest?

Holstering your weapon in Sons of the Forest is as simple as pressing the “R” key, which removes the weapon from your character’s immediate use.

Can I unequip weapons for non-combat situations?

Absolutely, unequipping weapons is useful for various non-combat situations, like building structures or performing tasks that require both hands.

What if I accidentally unequip my weapon during combat?

Accidentally unequipping your weapon during combat might put you at a disadvantage. Make sure to be mindful of your actions in intense situations.

Is there a way to re-equip a weapon after unequipping it?

Yes, you can re-equip a weapon by selecting it from your inventory and equipping it again using the designated key.

Does unequipping weapons affect gameplay mechanics?

Unequipping weapons is an essential gameplay mechanic that influences combat readiness, interaction, and strategic planning.

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