How To unlock Mario Inside of Google Maps

Google has introduced Mario feature in Google Maps. It will not be a permanent feature.  As of 2015 Pc-man has appeared on the google maps.

How you can unlock this feature on your google maps. Kids were excited to use this feature.

Steps: How to unlock Mario Inside of Google Maps Easy Steps

  1. Open Google Maps on your phone and set the location where you want to go from your current location.
  2. when you set the location you will see the symbol (?) inside the box at the bottom of the page click on that.
  3. After you click on that you will see that Mario feature is activated and you are ready to go.
  4. Click on the Let’s-A-Go button your Mario ride will be there on the screen and you can enjoy Mario Kart.
Mario inside of google maps
Photo: google blog

When Feature makes it sometimes difficult for you. As this feature is good for small kids as they can enjoy this new feature for some time.

Mario map

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